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It’s About Activity & Culture: The Keys to Successfully Manage a Distributed Service Organization

January 13, 2022

With the increased adoption of hybrid work models come fundamental changes to how businesses operate. This evolution is especially true on the client service side, where companies must adjust to remote environments without sacrificing their distributed service efficiency and quality. 


For’s Client Success team, adjusting to a distributed service environment since early 2020 has reinforced the importance of our activity-based model and team culture. Let’s explore how these elements, which factor heavily into our daily approach, have helped us continue delivering for our clients. 


An Activity-Based Model


Our Client Success team relies heavily on an activity-based model to serve clients in a distributed service environment. This client interaction data, populated in real time, tracks the total number of: 


  • Tickets created/solved
  • Inbound/outbound calls
  • Call volume and minutes
  • Voicemails
  • And much more 


With a proprietary, point-based rating system, management on our team can better understand productivity on daily, weekly, and monthly levels. That level of visibility may sound intimidating to new team members not used to this type of model. But the intent isn’t for constant monitoring and scrutiny from leadership. On the contrary, this activity-based model is put in place to create a predictable, scalable way to measure individual and team performance. 

Why it Matters


This approach helps our team plan around spikes (and dips) in the volume of tickets that clients submit. With this preparation, we can resolve these issues faster and meet our agreed upon SLAs. Additionally, it helps us assign the appropriate coverage where applicable. As a result, we create greater flexibility and adaptability to meet demand. Finally, it gives our team members a strong understanding for the performance expectation at 


On the management side, our activity-based model strongly factors into personnel decision-making processes. It influences the timing for new hires, career progression models and promotions, coaching opportunities, forecasting, budgeting, and so much more. Ultimately, activity measurement serves as the foundation for how Client Success measures our general effectiveness in the service role we fulfill. 


Team Culture


For many years, culture has been a critical element of our team’s success. 


To prioritize Client Success’s culture in a fully remote setting, we have put additional thought and effort into the daily interactions on our team. For example, new team activities we introduced to keep this collaboration fresh include: 


  • Starting each virtual meeting with a fun “key-jar” question
  • Inviting team members to share stories about trips they’re planning, books they’re enjoying, new shows and movies they’re watching
  • Sharing relevant industry articles, webinars, and resources with each other 
  • Scoring how each team member feels on a given day (using a scale of 1-10) and why
  • Highlighting promotions and accomplishments on the team 
  • Getting together for fun events outside of work 

Why It Matters 


Our team culture encourages us to celebrate our wins, make room for personal connections, and have fun together outside of work.  These efforts have made all too common Zoom fatigue and remote drawbacks far more manageable. Additionally, our commitment to culture makes a difference in energizing the entire Client Success team. As a result, our energized team can continue serving our clients to the absolute best of our ability. 

Join our Client Success Team  


While our team is excited to enter our new office in 2022, many lessons learned during this fully remote period will factor into our new hybrid work approach. If our Client Success team sounds like a potential fit with your professional background and work preferences, explore our open positions and apply today.

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