Six Tips to Prevent Revenue Leakage and Save your Business from Millions in Losses

April 29, 2020 Will Norris

Is revenue leakage affecting your business? Implementing the right prevention measures towards profit leakage can be the difference between sustaining growth and losing all of your momentum.

Here are six tips to prevent revenue leakage and save your business from millions in potential losses.

1. Integrate Usage Rating

Real-time monitoring of customer usage is critical for any billing platform, regardless of whether you feature a flat rate or a consumption-based charging model. By integrating your usage rating processes with an innovative billing platform like, you can secure greater control over business operations and optimize visibility for every account transaction.

2. Automate Manual Processes

Spending too many hours manually calculating taxation, creating invoices, and managing payments? With the right system, you could instead devote this time to formulating new growth opportunities for your business.

At, our sophisticated billing platform automates key internal processes to free up more time and resources. This way, you can turn your focus to larger strategic initiatives, such as new ways to enhance your business’s overall customer service experience.

3. Assess Your Billing System’s Capacity

Does your current billing system support exponential business growth? Can you create ad-hoc bills, reverse charges, and run bill cycles on the spot?

If your billing system isn’t scalable in this manner, then your business’s overall growth potential could suffer as a result.’s billing platform debuts hundreds of new releases every year, provides an open API to support new integrations, includes unlimited access to a responsive support team, and incorporates training opportunities for your organization.

4. Expand your Reporting Capabilities

Not happy with your current process for managing non-billable calls, past-due balances, and at-risk customers?

Implementing cutting-edge business intelligence to address these three areas will keep your company lean, ready to add new offerings, and built to outlast competitors.’s robust report builder comes with built-in customization options to support these efforts.

5. Develop Customer Experience Tools

The right monetization engine can improve overall customer satisfaction and subsequently increase revenue retention for your company. With integrated customer and agent portals, is equipped to fulfill that responsibility on behalf of advanced communication businesses. Using our billing platform, you can simultaneously reduce support hours, streamline key internal processes, and enhance user experiences.

6. Prioritize Client Relationships

To maintain a strong service model that bolsters revenue retention and mitigates revenue leakage, you need to keep the health of your client relationships top-of-mind. By treating these relationships as strategic partnerships, you can establish transparency and develop a reputation that clients are eager to promote on your behalf in the marketplace.

This approach, reflective of our Mission, Vision, and ACT TOP Values at, will help distinguish your business and empower you to better serve your clients.

Contact for More Revenue Leakage Solutions

Contact to learn about other creative ways to prevent revenue leakage. We look forward to reviewing other solutions, answering your questions, and discussing the potential fit of our sophisticated billing platform.

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