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Detailed Billing Analytics

Manage a smarter business with Analytics, our dynamic billing analytics solution.

Comprehensive Features Provide the Executive Insights You Need

Understand your customers better with cutting-edge billing data technology. Using Analytics, you can seamlessly visualize and interpret the KPIs that make a difference for your bottom line.

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  • Billing
    • Month-over-month comparisons
    • Projections for MRCs, NRCs, and other revenue
    • Projected vs, actual billing
    • Month-over-month daily comparisons
    • And more
  • Financial
    • Revenue – Current vs. Prior Year
    • Billed revenue by employee
    • Payment methods utilized
    • Integration with QuickBooks Online
    • And more
  • Accounts Receivable
    • A/R aging
    • Days sales outstanding
    • Average days delinquent
    • Invoice details
  • Account Management
    • Clients churned
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Upcoming account renewals
    • New vs. lost customers
    • And more
  • Order Management
    • Completed Orders by Type
    • Average Days to Complete
    • Yearly Order trends
    • Order details by customer
    • And more
  • Usage-Based Reporting
    • Product Usage
    • Rated vs. Unrated
    • Trends of Usage over time
  • Taxation
    • Location-based analysis
    • Jurisdiction-based analysis
    • And more
  • Ticketing
    • Volume and time trends
    • Customer-level analysis
    • Duration metrics
    • Customer support capacity
    • And more
  • Commissions
    • Overall commissions status
    • Details by location and product
    • Top agent analysis
    • And more

Get Actionable Billing Analytics & Leadership Insights to Drive Your Bottom Line

Evolve beyond standard, static reporting to measure the health of your business with Analytics, our innovative billing analytics solution.

Faster Decision-Making

Identify the root cause of account issues faster for efficient resolution times and dependable customer service experiences.

Efficient Reporting

Automate your internal forecasting and reporting to save time, eliminate outdated data entries, and reduce overhead.

Transparent Team Access

Promote transparency among your team with easily accessible KPI department dashboards, each featuring tailored insights for individual team members.

Ready to work smarter by leveraging billing analytics?

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