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Support your business’s growth at scale with telecom billing software designed to fully optimize your back office and quote-to-cash processes.

  • Scale new services
  • Maximize revenue opportunities
  • Achieve telecom tax compliance
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Modernize your back office with a trusted telecom billing solution

Concerned about your capacity to grow efficiently?

Growth is a good thing. But inefficient billing and a suboptimal back office can prevent you from scaling new telecom products and maintaining your trajectory.

Working with an outdated billing system?

Depending on an antiquated process for billing and usage rating for your modern business can backfire. You risk a rise in operating expenses, increased revenue leakage, and potential customer churn.

Devoting too much time to your back office management?

Your employees’ time is valuable. Asking them to spend it all on manual tasks will waste resources, contribute to dissatisfaction, and create inefficiencies for your business.

Competitors beating you to market?

An inefficient quote-to-cash process will prevent your business from beating competitors to the marketplace. As a result, customers will focus on alternative telecom providers.

Conquer quote-to-cash with telecom billing software designed to help automate your back office

A Proven Path Forward for Telecom Leaders

Ensure that your billing and back office can efficiently scale as your business grows.

Modernize Where it Matters

Complete your digital transformation by modernizing your billing and back office. Rev.io’s telecom billing system will help you consolidate platforms and automate key processes.

Adaptable from Start-Up to Enterprise

Grow your revenue efficiently with telecom billing software equipped to suit your business regardless of size. Rev.io’s platform adapts to the needs of providers of all sizes and stages, from start-up to enterprise.

Advanced Platform Automation

Free up your employees’ valuable time with telecom billing software featuring advanced automation capabilities. Rev.io enables you to devote more resources towards initiatives that actually move the needle for your business.

A Platform that Empowers Your Back Office Team

Configurable Telecom Billing

Customize your billing by service, field, recurring and non-recurring charges, usage rating, and much more. Tailor Rev.io’s fully configurable platform settings to the telecom services that differentiate your business.

Telecom Tax Compliance

Streamline how you calculate and apply complex telecom taxes. Rev.io seamlessly integrates with trusted tax database partners to do the work for you.

Support for Platform Managers

Gain confidence managing the platform with system experts invested in your success. Rev.io’s Onboarding and Client Success teams are here for you every step of the way, starting with your account activation.

Seamless Integrations with Your Preferred Resources

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We were billing a small amount per month early in 2017 when we first met the team at Rev.io. This year at the (2019) Summit, we celebrated our 10X growth.

Timothy Yager

Managing Partner

Switching to Rev.io for billing, ticketing, inventory, and provisioning has been like adding several additional members to our team because that’s exactly how they come through — like a partner.

Matthew Ramsey


Market leaders must realize the need to monetize their back-office and choose a solution provider, like Rev.io, to help them create a competitive advantage.

Ross Artale

President and COO

Rev.io has really partnered with us to make sure that (they’re) working for CallTower the way that CallTower needs them to work.

Donald Lewis

Billing Manager

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