Five Effective Tips to Reduce Customer Churn and Retain Profit

July 29, 2020

What strategy does your business implement to address customers at risk of “churning” (lost as customers with recurring revenue)? For companies operating subscription or usage-based models, the wrong strategies to prevent customer churning can mean fewer customers saved and less profit retained.

Thankfully, there are solutions to the dilemma of customer churn in a recurring revenue environment. Here are five effective tips to help you reduce the number of customers who churn and help your company improve profit retention. Continue reading our suggestions on how you can prevent customer churning.

1. Impress with Onboarding 

First impressions are everything. If your customer is unsatisfied with their onboarding experience, that impression will set an unproductive tone for your future collaborations. Leverage their onboarding as an opportunity to gain trust, showcase how your unique value propositions translate to their success, and set the relationship on a healthy trajectory from day one. 

2. Provide New Services 

Are your customers all set on base solutions? Go beyond the essentials to market additional technology that matches their vision for scalable growth. By consistently revisiting your clients with innovative new services and add-ons, your dedication to their success and empowerment as strategic partners will become abundantly clear.

3. Leverage Business Intelligence 

To understand your customers and their needs, data is key. By collecting survey responses on their experiences with your platform or service and proactively measuring key metrics, you can gather insights on their issues and potential concerns in a timely fashion. From there, you can adjust strategies and make necessary corrections before the relationship becomes damaged beyond repair. 

4. Solidify Billing Expectations 

Has a customer recently brought up billing errors or inconsistencies? To prevent this negative feedback from becoming a recurring theme and keep faith in your solutions high, consider adopting a billing system with modern automation and configuration capabilities. By providing a sophisticated billing platform like, common billing issues will become a thing of the past and your customers will enjoy a more efficient experience managing transactions.

5. Prioritize Customer Service 

The best businesses in the advanced communications space understand the importance of  customer service. By developing a comprehensive support team, you will feel empowered to solve customer tickets with cutting-edge precision. Ultimately, customers will appreciate this thoughtful approach and your willingness to go above and beyond as their committed strategic partner. 


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