Ensuring Seamless Migrations to the Rev.io Platform

At Rev.io, we take tremendous pride in the service behind our software. Our Onboarding team is passionate about helping you build a strong foundation for success within Rev.io’s platform.

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Rev.io’s structured onboarding, quality products and unparalleled communication enabled ComTec to implement our system 20% faster than we had forecasted.

— Will Taylor, VP of Operations at ComTec Systems, Inc

Multi-Layered Activation Touchpoints

We understand there are many elements, often complex, that factor into migrating the data from your current billing system over to Rev.io’s platform. Our multi-tier team approach covers every detail, however minor, with dedicated Project Managers and Data Migration Engineers separately assigned to specific elements of your respective Rev.io Go & Rev.io Go Further Onboarding projects.

Deliberately Structured Processes

Our Onboarding team plans ahead for potential issues that may arise in the activation process, proactively accounting for these potential scenarios using a structured Rev.io Go & Rev.io Go Further project management plan. Team members dedicated to your onboarding follow step-by-step documentation to complete your business’s activation in a concise manner, mitigating potential obstructions to stay on or ahead of schedule according to your project’s timeline.

Qualified Data Migration Engineers

As our client, you can trust our handling of your business’s billing data. Our Onboarding team features SQL-trained Data Migration Engineers with comprehensive data migration experience. This team oversees the secure transfer of your billing data from your current system to your own Rev.io instance within our sophisticated billing platform, making customer data migration seamless. The impressive backgrounds and qualifications of these experts ensure an efficient and consistent progression through our Onboarding program.

Advanced Project Preparations

With many details to account for, we recognize that billing platform migration projects require much more than just an occasional glance over. Our Onboarding team conducts daily internal project check-ins for this very reason and meets regularly with clients to discuss the real-time status of projects. Your activation timeline remains top of mind in these meetings, as we continue to incorporate lessons learned over the years to deliver a refined Onboarding experience in both Rev.io Go and Rev.io Go Further project phases that consistently exceeds market expectations.

Unified Support From One Location

At Rev.io, we don’t believe in outsourcing our support. Rev.io’s entire Onboarding team is based in our Atlanta, GA headquarters, meaning you won’t have to seek third-party options disconnected from our company whenever a question comes up or issue arises. Onboarding is unified in its understanding of your account, the nuances of your activation, and what it will take to push this comprehensive migration project across the finish line efficiently.

Comprehensive Internal Training & Team Evaluations

To continue perfecting your Onboarding experience and refining the quality client service we deliver on a daily basis, our team conducts regular training sessions. Virtual training portals factor into our preparation to serve clients through each phase in Onboarding. Taking these preparations one step further, our Onboarding team meets every quarter to conduct an extensive department review. We believe these thorough team evaluations equip us to continue growing alongside our strategic business partners, ultimately sharpening the quality of service that we provide.

Setting your Team up for Success

Beyond migrating data over to your business’s new Rev.io instance, we devote extensive resources to build your confidence using our system. Rev.io Academy, a two-day training program led by seasoned professionals and hosted at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA, walks your representatives in attendance through key facets of our software to establish a comfort level for your future management of the platform.

Transitioning to Client Success

Once the Rev.io Go Further Onboarding phase is complete and your data is successfully integrated with our platform, Client Success will formally take over servicing your account. To ensure that our handoff between teams runs smoothly, Onboarding maintains close contact with Client Success throughout your project’s timeline. That collaboration between teams involves transition calls with Client Success Managers to provide necessary context and outline the nuances of your account. Onboarding will even hand over documentation for the Client Success team’s reference when your activation is complete.

Switching billing systems can be a stressful process. Having an experienced team assigned to our account gave us great peace of mind and made our migration to Rev.io’s billing platform successful.

— Steve Royston, General Manager at Atlantech Online Inc

Building our Strategic Partnership’s Foundation

At Rev.io, Onboarding sets the tone for your billing experience using our platform. We view the relationship between our businesses as more than transactional – we are your strategic partner devoted to helping you grow revenue efficiently.

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