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February 8, 2017 Evan Rice

“While I write my next day’s to-do list, I reflect on my achievements. And by doing this, I also try to listen as good as I can how much fun and fulfillment I have gotten.”
– Steve Jobs

Science shows that acknowledging your accomplishments and reflecting on the past is critical for growth of any kind, especially in business. But when you’re dedicated to client growth like we are at, it can be all too easy to run full-steam-ahead, overlooking internal wins. Today, we’re putting the to-do lists aside for a moment to reflect on what we’ve accomplished internally.

Four years ago, our team moved headquarters to Atlanta, GA and had the privilege of welcoming Brent Maropis as the new CEO. It has been an incredible journey ever since. Here’s a note from him, congratulating the team on a job well done in 2016:

To Our Team – Thank You for Everything You Do.

I want to take a moment and thank each of you for your hard work in 2016. We came a long way as a team and company this past year, and I am truly proud and honored by our accomplishments together. Like previous years, we did an excellent job building upon previous themes, but this year was different. We learned the value of saying ‘No’ to projects that did not align with our goals, chose roadmap projects that positioned us on the cutting edge, invested in employee development, empowered leaders within the company to deliver on our goals and successfully rebranded. Commitment to connection was the first theme that lasted an entire year, giving it much deeper meaning and impact.

Ultimately, the difference from 2016 compared to past years was the fact that we superseded our annual goal! AWESOME JOB! I think about this year vs. previous years and the real difference is the strength of our team and strength of our ACT TOP culture which makes all of this possible. I love it. Our success is derived from your feedback and initiative to make the best place to work, and the best billing and back-office software company out there. It’s humbling to reflect on the transformation that takes place over the course of the year and see your brilliant ideas come to life. You changed our company for the better.

Looking forward, I am more confident and excited than ever before to gain your feedback on new ways we can further manifest our ACT TOP Values. This year, we will build on our theme of Commitment to Connections by Empowering employees to Evolve for the betterment of our team, partners, and clients. Together we will find new ways to serve and grow clients, establish new partner strategies, leverage innovation to make it easier to integrate & implement and expand into new markets. We will also onboard our 100th client and will turn 15 years old.

Thank you again for such a great year and I look forward to an amazing journey together in 2017. I wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

All the best,

Brent Maropis CEO

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