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Cloud-Native Technology

Ready to expand your offerings and conquer new markets? See how’s billing platform, hosted on Microsoft® Azure’s cloud-native technology, can take your business to the next level.

Trusted by over 200 clients worldwide, including:

Innovative Cloud Infrastructure

All clients access unique instances hosted in Microsoft Azure, ensuring all the benefits of scale, automation, and peace of mind created by cutting-edge, cloud-native technology.

Increased Capacity

With virtually limitless cloud capacity, comes fully equipped to support your rapid growth plans and the associated spikes in data for usage rating.

Responsive Automation

With our cloud infrastructure, you won’t have to worry about sudden system overloads. Microsoft Azure features automation to monitor your account status, responsively building out extra space as needed.

Strengthened Security

Compared to on-premise hosting, Microsoft Azure’s cloud-native technology delivers higher-level security at a cost-effective price.

Subject Matter Expertise's deep technology team encompasses cloud architecture, software engineering, and data engineering to support client success.

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