How Rev.io Helped Login Enjoy a Seamless Billing Migration Experience Despite the Pandemic



Login is an ultra-fast business internet service provider based in Tucson, Arizona. Founded in 2001, the trusted business technology partner equips clients with phone services, internet access, and a secure storage location for sensitive business data. Login specializes in cloud, co-location, virtual hosting, and networking services, delivering cutting-edge technology, innovative performance, and exceptional customer service to businesses and organizations around southern Arizona.

Billing Before Rev.io

Before migrating to Rev.io’s easy billing, payments, and customer management platform, Login primarily relied on Quickbooks®, followed by Sonar, to fulfill its billing responsibilities.

Why Rev.io?

When the time came to research prospective billing solutions and choose a new partner, Login CEO Matthew Ramsey said Rev.io’s platform and people stood out as key differentiators. “We chose Rev.io because of the functionality and team behind it,” said Ramsey.

Ramsey noted several specific reasons why Login placed its faith in Rev.io for the business’s billing, payments, and customer management. Most notably, Ramsey mentioned:

1) The maturity of Rev.io’s platform
2) Rev.io’s commitment to continued technology innovation
3) Rev.io’s “all-in-one” integrated billing, ticketing, inventory, thus replacing several systems
4) Rev.io’s team: “I trusted that they would be a partner. They have proven to exceed my expectations.”

Transition Time

When Login first met with their dedicated project manager to plan for onboarding, Ramsey said that he immediately noted the extent of Rev.io’s resources and support backing their platform migration. “We know that an organization which develops and uses systems and processes for the beginning of onboarding likely has a much larger construct behind the scenes.”

Rev.io’s understanding of the quality systems and processes that scalable companies require was also apparent from day one of Login’s seamless onboarding, Ramsey added. “Rev.io has been a pleasure to work with. The project management has been great and with the cadence of weekly meetings, we’ve not ever wondered what’s happening, or where we are supposed to be in the onboarding process.”

Onboarding During a Pandemic

Onboarding a new billing, payments, and customer management solution is never a simple process. And when you factor in the prospect of onboarding during an unprecedented pandemic, the billing platform migration project can feel even more complicated.

But despite the unique business challenges caused by COVID-19 in 2020, Ramsey said Login never once anticipated issues with their remote onboarding experience. “Those assumptions proved to be true.”

Login’s comfort with the process even extended to the new distributed workforce collaboration that would replace key in-person meetings between Login’s migration project managers and Rev.io’s Onboarding team. “Rev.io as a company has a culture of accountability and expectations, continued regardless of where the team’s office is,” said Ramsey.

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