Integrated Merchant Processing Payments complements our billing and back-office software to deliver the industry’s most complete financial processing experience for subscription and/or metered services. With Payments, you can replace third-party merchant processors and bridge the gap between your customers’ billing and payment transactions.

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All-In-One Platform

We know that optimizing your business’s recurring revenue can be complicated. That’s why we’re making it easier by bringing billing and payments together with our advanced quote-to-cash software. Payments delivers best-in-class security and technology to integrate your systems, increase visibility, create back-office efficiency, and get you paid faster.

Save Time and Money

Give your employees precious time back and focus your business’s resources on high value tasks. Payments enables you to automate billing and payment activities.

Clear, Transparent Pricing

Ensure clear visibility into all pricing models and account charges. Payments delivers a transparent all-in-one payment platform experience with predictable pricing that you can trust.

Process Payments Faster

Close transactions, speed A/R timing, and accelerate the time it takes to receive your money from customers with Payments’ next-day funding.


Facilitate Every Payment

Multiple Payment Types Payments makes it easy to securely accept online payments by major credit cards, debit cards and ACH. State-of-the-art encryption keeps transaction info secure, safely storing tokenized card data and ACH credentials for installments or recurring billing.

Settlement Summary

Want to know when a customer’s payment settled into your account, the exact amount of this settlement, and other relevant transaction details? With Settlement Summary, you can keep a close eye on daily customer interactions and understand where business transactions stand in real-time with our payment platform software.

Activity Monitoring

Ready to closely review a specific payment? With Activity Monitoring, you can study payment amounts, consider payment types, and bookmark reference numbers to revisit at a later date. You can even monitor suspicious and potentially fraudulent activity.

Chargebacks & Returns

Struggling to track chargebacks and payment returns in client accounts? With our MSP billing and payment software, you can eliminate lapses in client communications and proactively address these issues. Chargebacks and Returns create digital documentation to record any transactions that don’t go through.

(With Payments), we can grow our business without worrying about what hidden charges we’re going to get hit with every month.

— Tim Yager, Managing Partner at EM3 Networks

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