All-In-One Platform

Backed by Worldpay, Payments is the first quote-to-cash software to offer merchant processing services and receive the highest level of PCI compliance. As part of an ongoing mission to help your company grow revenue efficiently, the addition of this integrated merchant processor now consolidates your billing, customer management, and merchant processing services in one place.

Save Time and Money

Issues related to your merchant processor – including the application of hidden fees, slow payment settlement times, and multi-channel requirements – can negatively impact your business’s bottom line. But with Payments, you can become more cost-efficient by managing both customer billing and payment activities through one streamlined instance.

Remove Hidden Fees

Never get caught off guard by surprise fees or unexpected charges again thanks to our MSP payment platform. With Payments, we display all expenses – including relevant service fees and upfront costs – in client accounts for easier management. This transparent presentation of what you owe distinguishes our all-in-one payment platform software from alternative merchant processor solutions in the telecom space.

Process Payments Faster Payments accelerates the time it takes to receive your money from customers. With rapid processing speeds that settle customer payments into your account soon after the transactions occur, your team can speed up A/R and operate more efficiently when processing billing and payments.


Facilitate Every Payment

Settlement Summary

Want to know when a customer’s payment settled into your account, the exact amount of this settlement, and other relevant transaction details? With Settlement Summary, you can keep a close eye on daily customer interactions and understand where business transactions stand in real-time.

Activity Monitoring

Ready to closely review a specific payment? Access all-in-one reports, a distinct feature of Payments, for single transactions using our Activity function. Through this setting, you can study payment amounts, consider payment types, and bookmark reference numbers to revisit at a later date. Our all-in-one payment platform software also allows you to monitor suspicious and potentially fraudulent activity.

Chargebacks & Returns

Struggling to track chargebacks and payment returns in client accounts? With Payments, you can eliminate lapses in client communications and proactively address these issues. Our Chargebacks & Returns function, accessible through a customer’s account ID, creates digital documentation to record the transactions that don’t go through.

Visibility Into Fees

Interested in understanding what service fees apply, when we bill for these fees, and the total fee amount tied to a specific account? Our quote-to-cash software, Payments, includes a fee schedule to outline these account-specific details and monitor forthcoming charges in an organized manner.

(With Payments), we can grow our business without worrying about what hidden charges we’re going to get hit with every month.

— Tim Yager, Managing Partner at EM3 Networks


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