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How Rev.io PSA Addresses Inefficiencies and Accelerates Profitability


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Effective Strategies to Achieve Communications Tax & Regulatory Compliance


Do you find the process of wading through different tax compliance and regulatory fees daunting? While the challenge of managing these key items may feel complex, there are strategies available to manage the process easier and achieve compliance faster. Join TaxConnex and CCH® SureTax® for a live webinar to explore the most effective tax compliance and regulatory fee strategies in the advanced communications space

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5 Critical Factors to Achieve Success with Your Communications Billing Platform & Tax Engine

Presenters: Toby Bargar from Avalara

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Amplify your UCaaS Profits with APIs that Work for you

Presenters: Jason Byrne, Business Development & Marketing at Netsapiens

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M&A Panel Webinar: Perspectives on Maximizing your Valuation in the Communications Market

Presenters: Patrick Elliot, VP of Marketing at Rev.io
Brent Maropis, CEO at Rev.io
Renee Shaening, Managing Director at Alantra
Andrew Dailey, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at MGI Research

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User Centric Design: How to Optimize the Digital Customer Experience through Integrated Payments

Presenters: Brent Phillips, Vice President of Marketing at Paya

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Evolve your Workforce with Microsoft Teams

Presenters: William Rubio, Chief Revenue Officer & Kade Herbert, Marketing Coordinator at CallTower

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How to Implement an Effective Federal Tax Strategy


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More Zombies, Break-Ins, and Broken Legs: An Eerie E911 Update

Presenters: Thomas Ginter, E911 Expert/Zombie Bandwidth
Robin Erkkila, E911 Expert/Ghoul Bandwidth

In 2018, Bandwidth's resident 911 expert Thomas Ginter provided a rare glimpse into how 911 works by describing what would happen to Bandwidth's emergency services during a zombie apocalypse. Two years later, those things-that-went-bump-in-the-night are far less frightening than the real-world specters of E911 regulations, 911 location management, and support for mobile and work-from-home users. Join Thomas as he is haunted by fellow industry ghoul Robin Erkkila. Together, they'll brush away the cobwebs and provide you with gruesome details for how to better manage the complexities of E911 without wanting to flee screaming into the night.

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From Surviving to Thriving – Key Strategies to Optimize and Automate Your Data Usage Billing

Presenters: Jaime Rawden, VP of Channel Development at Altaworx, LLC

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Master Your Mobility Strategy, IoT Development, and 5G Preparation

Presenters: Michael McCrary, Director of Sales & Business Development at AT&T Partner Exchange
Jeff Zipperman, Senior Account Manager in Sales & Business Development
Matt Palmer, Director of Mobility IOT Product Marketing Management

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Rev up your Revenue with Device-as-a-Service

Presenters: Darren Knapp, Director of Global ITSP Sales
Jeff Kubick, Head of Global Service Provider Marketing
Tom Mace, Senior Director Poly Capital

Does selling SIP phones hurt your UCaaS business? Are competitors’ “free phone” offers stealing opportunities? Are your cash and credit balances being squeezed by large deals? Do thin margins prohibit commissions on phones? Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) may be the magic pill that turns hardware headaches into recurring revenue growth!

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Achieving Efficiency & Scalability with Back Office Integration

Presenters: Kevin Emmert, Product Owner & Client Advocate at Keysys

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AT&T – Expanding into IoT with a Channel Leading Reseller Program

Presenters: Russel Marlow, Lead Product Marketing Engineer at AT&T

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Building a Detailed Checklist to Achieve Dependable Telecom Tax Compliance

Presenters: Karen Wilkins, Director of Compliance & Dan Driscoll, Chief Revenue Officer at FAStek

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Adding New Revenue Streams with 9-1-1 Services

Presenters: Dan Cobb, Regional Vice President of Sales at Inteliquent
Scott Luallin, Solutions Architect at Inteliquent

Are 9-1-1 technologies a worthwhile investment? With the Communications industry trending towards a more mobile-friendly society, Next-Generation 9-1-1 services will become a necessity. Staying ahead of the market trend and your competition means you’ll need modern solutions with the speed, reach, and reliability critical for 9-1-1 location management and call routing. Rev.io is here to help! We’ve partnered with Inteliquent, a leading provider of Emergency Services, to bring you a live webinar and strategies for Adding New Revenue Streams with 9-1-1 Services.

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Preventing a Tax Audit 101

Presenters: Ken Adams, VP of Marketing & Partnerships at netsapiens

On-demand webinar, Preventing a Tax Audit 101, where Jonathan Marashlian with the Commpliance Group shares his insights and best practices for avoiding an audit.

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Understanding the Different Types of 9-1-1 Routing

Presenters: Thomas Ginter, Engineer at bandwidth

If you're unfamiliar with how 9-1-1 technology works behind the scenes, you're not alone. Turning a seemingly simple three-digit call into a life-saving experience is harder than it sounds. Take a look at our live webinar with Bandwidth to learn about new 9-1-1 routing options you can provide to ensure your customers and devices can communicate the most accurate and timely information when every second matters.

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