Lingo Launches Partnership with to Consolidate Business Systems Obtained through Acquisitions

June 1, 2020

Leading Cloud, Managed, and Legacy solutions provider will leverage’s sophisticated billing platform and cutting-edge customer management system to strengthen its reporting capabilities.


Atlanta, GA (June 1, 2020) — Lingo Communications, LLC. (“Lingo”), a leading global Cloud/UC communications and managed service provider dedicated to serving the SMB market, announced today that they successfully completed its first phase of integration with’s billing and customer management software after migrating systems through’s Onboarding program. Following extensive evaluations, Lingo decided to move forward with due to the sophisticated billing platform’s enhanced reporting capabilities, integrated quote-to-order management, and capable workflow management utility.


Partnering with is part of Lingo’s effort to transform its billing management, back-office operations, and end-customer experience to support a “one-stop-shop” approach for all SMB-focused communications products and services from one service provider.’s comprehensive suite of features includes real-time ratings, subscriptions, quoting, taxation, billing, collections, and customer enablement solutions, empowering Lingo to focus on strategic initiatives.


“The program allows Lingo to consolidate its multiple billing systems into one single platform,” said Cindy Collins, VP Product & Billing Operations at Lingo. “This migration will help Lingo to excel in operations, reporting, and back-end support during the substantial revenue and customer growth Lingo is experiencing.”


“Lingo, like, recognizes the power of efficiency in daily business operations and systems management,” said Brent Maropis, CEO of “As Lingo’s strategic partner, we look forward to leveraging our unified dedication to efficiency across all billing systems and processes, helping equip Lingo to capitalize on strategic initiatives and drive sustainable revenue growth.”




About Lingo


Lingo is a leading global Cloud/UC communications and managed service provider to the SMB, Carrier and Consumer markets. Lingo provides modern, efficient, IP-based voice, data, managed services and network services to customers around the globe. Lingo owns both a nationwide IP-based Cloud/UC communications network as well as an expansive North American FG-D network serving many of the largest global Carrier customers.


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About provides sophisticated billing-as-a-service (BaaS) to communications companies, IoT companies, and technology service providers. enables clients managing sophisticated subscription billing models with the industry’s most complete quote-to-cash financial processing experience to effectively manage end customers’ subscriptions, usage, taxation, billing, and payment processing.


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VP of Sales & Marketing

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