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Thank You For 2018: A Note From Our CEO To The Team

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In 2018, our theme of Promoting Partnership drove us to achieve countless accomplishments and improve the Communications billing and usage-rating experience for our clients. It was a fantastic year and the results reflect it. I want to congratulate and thank our team for achieving extraordinary results in 2018.

The end of the year is an opportunity for us to reflect on all that we accomplished. In 2018 we had record sales bookings of our Communications billing system, sold our largest client, and sold the most revenue ever. A number of these new customers were referred to us through our partnerships which reflects the success of our focus on Promoting Partnership.

Marketing promoted our brand awareness and broke the Marketing-Sourced bookings record, continued raising the bar by making 2018’s annual Client Summit our best ever with record sponsorship, and hosted the most co-branded, partner webinars in our company history.

We built a new Communications billing onboarding process to support our growth and two-phased transition approach. Training and Enablement helped clients have a better and more focused onboarding experience. Client Success continues to fuel the company with exceptional talent while the team hit a new record of solving 90% of our tickets in 3 days! In addition, the Client Success Team (along with other departments) launched the Premier Success Program for our Communications billing customers. As we continue to push upmarket, these new innovations are critical as we train, onboard, and support enterprise clients.  

On the Platform Team, we overachieved our REST API adoption goal. We established a new Product Team and this group led new initiatives –  including the API accelerator program, a structure for new product launches, and improved our product documentation. Both our Development and Product Teams together incorporated client feedback into our roadmap to enhance Sync, our automated switch reconciliation, and build our Webhooks and Zapier integrations.

The OLT took on their most impactful projects this year that aligned perfectly with our focus on partnerships. Thanks to their hard work, we launched the Partner Marketplace and have created a Client Community (which will be public in early 2019) to accompany our Communications billing system. This online forum that will allow clients to connect with each other and partner together on new initiatives. They did all of this while leading our passion and privilege of giving back.

This year we learned valuable lessons and the growth we experienced presented challenges. In particular, stretching certain employees outside of their core responsibilities. I’m proud of the Team for facing these issues head-on. The team’s commitment to innovation and relentless drive to achieve extraordinary results allowed new leaders to emerge. Watching our team members grow and earn promotions is incredibly rewarding. Today, I believe we have the most dedicated and brightest employees in our company history.

As we look forward to 2019, we will structure our goals and initiatives around the new theme, Specialize. In the coming months, we look to expand our Senior Leadership Team, hire new team members in every department, and provide additional clarity into roles. By redefining each role, we’ll allow employees to reach their full potential, provide clients with an even better experience, and help clients grow revenue efficiently. Thank you for another great year.

I look forward to an exciting road ahead in 2019.  

Happy Holidays,


4 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture

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Looking to improve your company’s culture? According to Forbes, 92% of companies said that improving their company’s culture would improve the value of the company. That’s right, in addition to boosting overall employee morale, culture can also increase revenue. has had a fantastic culture since we started in 2002. As a leading provider of IoT and telecom billing software with several Best Places to Work and Top Workplaces awards under our belt, we’re sharing the secret sauce to cultivating culture the way.

Companies often struggle with which department should lead the charge towards a strong company culture. The truth is, it begins with your leadership team and prioritizing business initiatives around your most important asset, your employees.

As a growing provider of billing software over the past 15 years, we’ve learned to develop an outstanding culture that promotes growth. Here are four ways you can start building a great company culture:

1. Culture BEGINS With ESTABLISHING A Mission & Values

At, we believe that developing a strong culture begins with defining your mission and company values. Our mission—to be the best billing software and back-office company in the world by providing innovative solutions and extraordinary service to our clients and end-users—drives our goals and strategic initiatives. However, the culture of our company (which drives the direction of our billing software) is really defined by our ACT TOP values:

  • Achieving Extraordinary Results
  • Caring for Employees, Clients, and the Community
  • Take Responsibility and Act Like an Owner
  • Transparent Leadership
  • Opportunity to Make a Positive Difference
  • Passion for Innovation

That being said, it’s not enough to stop there. Once you’ve created your mission and values, you’ll have to find ways to weave these into your daily meetings, calls, presentations, and employees’ lives.

Here are a few ways we promote our mission and values internally:

  • We begin each meeting by reviewing the mission and values
  • We share our values with prospective billing software clients during our first sales call
  • We structure our monthly employee award around our values and ask our team to nominate peers who embody our values
  • We develop strategic initiatives and goals around our mission and values
  • We showcase our mission and values around our office (in conference rooms, in the lobby, and in the break room)

2. Foster Team Building While Giving Back

The team devotes an entire day to community service as part of our commitment to the “Caring for Employees, Clients, and Community” value. On May 17th, all of our employees volunteered at MedShare, a local organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in underserved communities by sourcing and delivering surplus medical supplies and equipment to countries in need around the world. By taking time away from the business, contributed to a great cause and fostered team building

Not sure what organization to get involved with? Sending a quick survey to your employees to find out if there are any groups or associations they’re passionate about is a great way strategy and gets others involved in the planning process!

3. Invest In Your Employees With Ongoing Training & Leadership Development

The future success of your organization depends on developing the next generation of leadership. Some of’s rising leaders are selected to be a part of the Operational Leadership Team “OLT.”  This team strengthens our ACT TOP values, collaborates cross-functionally to overcome challenges, and executes strategic initiatives.

In case you missed our Q&A with’s Operational Leadership Team, it’s a great read! Establishing a group of up-and-coming individuals, similar to’s OLT, gives your employees a chance to further their career, tackle new challenges, and grow their skill set.

Another idea for investing in your employees is establishing a cadence of leadership training. Every other Thursday morning employees have a chance to get together to listen to a TED Talk or leadership podcast, discuss the content, share examples from their roles, and see how it applies to the business. In addition to taking the hour to listen to leadership practices, this also gives our team a chance to network with leaders in the organization and other departments. This time is invaluable to the Team, and is something that can be easily replicated at other companies!’s leaders understand the importance of developing our people and we set aside a percentage of our budget for local networking events. Pay for your employees to attend training conferences and allow them to participate in opportunities to grow their career. Not only will your business benefit from investing in your employees’ experiences, you’ll also build a culture of loyalty and reduce turnover.

4. Build A Culture That You Would Want To Join

The last point here is the most simple but often overlooked. In the words of Kevin Elko, our 2017 Client Summit keynote speaker, “this is about people.” We get it, your company has lofty goals, limited resources, and revenue targets to meet. We do too! That being said, the employees’ expectations of a company are changing and it’s important that your company adapts to those changes. It’s one word – flexibility. Providing your employees with flexibility around schedule, office environment, and work from home days will create a more loyal and productive workforce.

We’ve made it easy for our employees to work remotely and after-hours with video-conferencing applications and collaboration tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Slack. In the technology world we live in today,  most of your employees can work anywhere with internet access. Having a flexible work environment shows compassion for your employees, some of who may have long commutes, young kids getting out of school early, or spouses with crazy schedules. When your employees feel valued, they feel a sense of self-accountability and go above and beyond for the company.

Equally as important as flexibility, is designing an office environment that represents the culture. Walking into an office and instantly feeling the energy of the organization helps with recruiting, sales meetings, and even investors.

Here are several no-cost or low-cost office ideas, taken directly from’s HQ:

  • Dress-down code – leave that suit and tie at home folks (you can even wear shorts and flip-flops)!
  • Ping-pong table – cross-department tournaments anyone?
  • Standing desk room – turn a conference room or empty office into a “quiet room” of standing desks and you’ll be shocked by how many people use it!
  • Lounge room – create a room where employees can get away from their desk and get their creative ideas flowing.
  • Communal library – bring in those books that you love but you’ve already read and share them with the team!
  • Book club – read a book together and meet once a week (during a BYO-lunch meeting) to discuss each chapter.

Creating a great culture is all about establishing an organizational focus (mission and values), embodying your values, investing in your people, embracing flexibility, and aligning your office space to your culture.

Ready to join our fast-growing company? Get in touch to learn more about’s billing software! Or, check out our culture page for more employee benefits and our jobs page for open positions. We’d love to hear from you!

A Note from’s CEO – Our Results & Achievements in 2017

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I want to personally thank each of you for your hard work in 2017. I also want to congratulate you for the countless accomplishments this past year. It truly was the best year in’s history, and the records reflect it.

In 2017 we sold the most new clients in a year, activated our 100th client, and on-boarded more clients than any previous year. Our service was more consistent than past years, and we built our RESTful API, which will prove to be the most significant and valuable change to as it expands and is adopted internally and externally.

We also launched new departments and created new roles whose contributions helped make all this happen. Rebranding (yes that was completed this year) and Marketing’s focus on building awareness increased new opportunities in our target market and IoT, helping us fulfill a record year for sales. Enablement’s involvement in the on-boarding process and assisting our current clients contributed significantly to our record on-boarding year and client retention goal. For Platform, we reorganized the development teams, changed the planning process and added new roles to support learning and manage the team’s priorities. This resulted in a better learning environment, consistent service to clients, and structure to focus on our roadmap. The mark of a great team is its ability to achieve extraordinary results!

Our successes and records did not come without challenge. For that, I am so proud of all of you. At the halfway point in the year, our progress towards our annual goals was off-pace. This meant we needed to evolve and make changes that impacted everyone. Thank you for embracing change. I want to especially recognize the OLT for quickly understanding why changes were needed, for helping provide valuable feedback into the best approach, and ultimately executing.

I want to thank all of you for trusting the SLT. They set the tone for what had to happen, but it’s your trust in them that made our success possible this year. Through all of this, no one lost sight of the need to care for our clients and to listen to our clients’ input, which proved to be the catalyst for moving to billing-first on-boarding. When I reflect on the past six months, I clearly see each of our ACT TOP values in play. That’s special!

It’s the culture at that makes success happen, and although the records and results were incredible, I am personally most proud of the development of our people and how you grew as professionals and leaders this past year. I see leaders across the company at all levels and tenure.

When we developed our theme of Empower & Evolve, Empower implied providing opportunities for team members to step up, lead, and make a difference. Empowering employees will carry forward into 2018 and remain a mainstay of our culture as we continue to grow. Culture wins!

As we look forward into 2018, we have a lot to be excited about.  As with previous years, we will build on our theme of Empower & Evolve by Empowering you to help. promotes partnerships.  We exist to help clients grow revenue efficiently.  In 2018, we will fulfill this by strengthening and expanding our partner base to complement’s platform, team, and clients.  Focusing on partners will drive us to assist with API adoption, improve our product management, launch payments, and maintain over 100% revenue retention.

Lastly, we will be more intentional about our community involvement both networking and creating local partnerships, as well as increasing our commitment to making a difference in the community through volunteerism. Thank you again for such a great year.  I look forward to a fantastic journey together in 2018. I wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

All the best,

Brent Maropis CEO and employees are passionate about helping clients grow effectively. We’re privileged to work alongside with leaders in the Communication and IoT industry to prepare for the future. If you have questions about how’s telecom billing platform can help you stay ahead of the curve, get in touch with us.

How To Develop The Next Generation of Leaders – A Q&A With’s Operational Leadership Team

Posted by challenges the status quo. Through the years, we’ve done this by following our mission – to be the best billing and back-office software company in the world by providing innovative solutions and extraordinary service to our clients and end-users – and embodying our ACT TOP values. Billing system

At, we’re committed to helping clients grow. For the last three years, our clients, aided by our billing system, have grown by more than double the industry average. To keep clients ahead of the changing market, we’re constantly evolving our platform and company.

In order to maintain excellent customer service, we’ve expanded our team each year. As our team grows, so does our commitment to our core values. Two years ago, our company established the Operational Leadership Team “OLT” – a group of’s rising leaders – to strengthen our ACT TOP culture, collaborate cross-functionally to overcome challenges, and drive and execute strategic initiatives.

For any modern company, investing in the next generation of leaders is an investment in your company’s future. With a new year approaching, now is the perfect time to develop a plan for preparing and coaching your company’s rising individuals.

Here’s our “How To Develop Your Next Generation of Leaders” Q&A with’s OLT:

1. How did the Senior leadership team (“SLT”) choose the individuals on the OLT?

“That’s a good question. I think they saw individuals on each team that showed leadership potential and could help create a stronger culture in the company. It was definitely important to choose a diverse set of individuals – we each bring a different set of strengths and weaknesses to the group.” – Seth Adkins

“Originally OLT members were chosen by the SLT, but that process has evolved since the group was created. In order to define what the OLT goals are and drive our focus, we’ve created a team expectations document. Expectations of each team member include embodying our ACT TOP values, having a positive attitude, demonstrating leadership qualities, and showing a desire to take on additional responsibilities. It’s important that we keep the group cross-functional, so we look for new team members that meet the OLT expectations and someone that can provide a new viewpoint or perspective.” – Olivia Sekerak

2. were you at all hesitant about joining the olt?

“I wasn’t at all because I’m looking for opportunities to grow and become a better leader. I knew it would be a lot more work and responsibility, but I was excited about taking on that challenge.” – Ryan Koontz

“No, not at all. I knew it would be a natural next step for where I wanted to go career-wise. Being on the OLT has given me additional responsibilities and requires us to work through challenges, but it’s been a welcome change and I think we’ve risen to the occasion.” – Mark Holloway

3. tell me a little bit about the disc assessment – did it have an impact on the team or helped you interact with other olt members?

“The DISC assessment helps identify how you work – it’s almost a work personality test. For me, it’s provided context when working with others, made it easier to address conflict and find better ways to collaborate with OLT members. Knowing my DISC profile and the profiles of other OLT members has made me more aware of my natural reactions and those of others, too.” – Catherine Johnson

“It really helped me understand my natural tendencies and also how I can work better with others.” – Leslie Ingram

4. how has being on the olt helped you grow in your career and as a leader at

“Being in Sales, has helped me find ways to make a difference across the whole organization, rather than just being focused on bringing in new revenue. I have really enjoyed being involved in the initiatives and strategic goals for the company – I like helping drive’s direction.” – Ryan Koontz

“I would say that it’s helped me reach out to other departments and be more involved with the company as a whole (and not just the Platform Team). It’s also given me a chance to understand the business better and learn more about our clients and their needs.” – Seth Adkins

5. In your eyes, what are the top 2 biggest accomplishments that the olt has played a role in over the last 2 years?

“Rebranding!!!  The other item is that I think we became a voice for all employees.  We all have strong relationships with different team members and through these relationships, we have a good idea of what goes on day to day.  When something creeps up, it doesn’t have to grow into a problem.  We know what’s going on and we can address any concerns or needs or make sure they get escalated when we cannot control or change a situation.” – Leslie Ingram

“One is the rebranding initiative. Rebranding a company is always a hard thing to do and we definitely had a big part in driving that change – both with clients and our team internally. The other one is something that we continue to do as an OLT team; we bring to light successes and challenges within the company and convey those to the SLT.” – Seth Adkins

6. do you think being on the olt gives you a greater sense of ownership or has made you more loyal to the company?

“Both. I feel more connected with the company than ever. I am very passionate about the company’s success and constantly find new ways to make a difference. I want people who come in and interview to be excited about working here – to see the culture, platform itself, and internal processes. We’re growing like crazy so we’re constantly trying to stay ahead of ourselves.” – Ryan Koontz

“Our company is super transparent – even outside of OLT – but it’s helped me build relationships with people in other departments. The OLT has also become a sounding board for me. When I’m dealing with an escalation or specific concern, I’ll bring it to the group and it’s great hearing different viewpoints on the issues we discuss.” – Mark Holloway

7. tell our readers about the training or coaching you’ve received while on the olt.

The leadership and management training is one of the biggest benefits of being on the OLT. Our executives have brought in a team of outside leadership consultants to meet with us about once a quarter – it’s been a great opportunity for me to learn more about my personality type, the key characteristics of a successful team, and best tactics for resolving conflict and tackling challenges together. Beyond the leadership training, we’ve also participated in management training – I’m using these management principles almost daily now with my [marketing] team. And, lastly (but certainly not least), we’re also almost a trusted group of advisors for the SLT. The OLT acts as a liaison between the SLT and the company – that accessibility to our executives gives me more insight into the company, and that is definitely something I didn’t have before joining the OLT.– Olivia Sekerak

“The DISC assessment was fantastic.  Also working the the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team as a group and meeting regularly with a consultant to discuss the findings for our team.  We are working through each item in the book and completing exercises to strengthen our team.” – Leslie Ingram

8. is there anything else that you’d like to share with other companies that are interested in developing their next generation of leaders?

“One area where excels is in empowering younger team members. I think it’s really important to remember that age and experience aren’t necessarily a factor in leadership. People can demonstrate leadership principles at any stage of their career. I think it’s crucial for companies to NOT discount the ideas of younger employees, especially those looking to grow their team.” – Catherine Johnson

“You don’t have to be a leader to lead at One thing does extremely well is empowering their employees. The natural leaders seem to organically take on more responsibility and eventually we all became “Team Leads.” I’ve worked in other companies where this mentality wasn’t present and I applaud for building an environment that encourages young leaders.” – Mark Holloway

“I think it is essential to growing the next level of leaders and management in your organization. You are forced to handle difficult situations, work in a setting of peers outside of your functional area and build relationships with those team members to create a stronger organization. You learn how to share successes and challenges and work together to address those challenges. It creates a level of trusted team members that have relationships throughout the organization. You will have the pulse of the organization with this conduit in place.” – Leslie Ingram

If you’re a communications service provider interested in our telecommunications billing software or an IoT company looking for an IoT billing engine, contact today – we’d love to show you a guided tour of our solutions.  We’re helping service providers, like you, save time, reduce billing errors, and grow revenue fast.

Or, if you’re on the hunt for a new job opportunity and would like to join a leading B2B software company, you’ve come to the right place! invests time and money into developing the future of the organization. Take a look at our culture page to learn more about the benefits of working here!

The Diary of an SDR for IoT and Communications Billing Software

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Straight out of college, I knew that I wanted to be in B2B sales. With no prior sales experience, except a retail job, I followed the path of many aspiring sales executives and accepted a job from as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). For those of you unfamiliar with the role, my job is to set up initial meetings with decision makers to entertain switching out their telecom billing software. For Communications Service Providers, replacing their IoT billing and back-office software platform can be stressful and time-consuming. Luckily, is the best billing and back-office software company in the Communications and IoT industry.

Since I started at in mid-February, I’ve made 8,935 calls. There was definitely a learning curve for this role and a lot of awkward moments in the process. A failed brunch joke comes to mind as well as a CEO angrily quizzing my geographical knowledge of Pennsylvania. Despite this, the moments that stick out are the wins. It feels great to set an appointment with a decision maker after they claim – within the first 30 seconds –  that they are not interested. It feels even better getting past a gatekeeper to speak to the founder of a $100+ million dollar company and setting an appointment.

I remember my first week I was scared I wouldn’t be successful because I didn’t set an appointment. I stuck with it and kept using the tools and people around me at to coach me on prospecting and cold calling more effectively. I learned how to succeed in this role and, after 7 months, I finally hit my quota of qualified opportunities sourced and pipeline sourced in a quarter.

While a lot of people’s anxiety rises at even hearing the phrase “cold-call,” I am glad that I took this position as I have learned a lot in the process. Some advice to the newly-appointed SDRs, you need to have a good attitude to succeed in this position; you’re more than likely going to sound horrible your first few calls; and lastly, there is a learning curve to cold-calling.

key takeaways:

1. Be naturally curious – hang in there and ask as many questions as possible on the call. I’ve had calls that I didn’t think would go anywhere, yet after 15 minutes, I found enough value to set an appointment. I make it my goal to always try to find something new about the company on each call that is relevant to what we do. You haven’t done your job as an SDR if you haven’t yielded any new information. You have just wasted your time.

2. Have confidence in your calls – if you act like an appointment is an elusive unicorn, then you won’t ever set them. I have definitely set appointments just on my attitude and confidence. If you are nervous about setting an appointment, what does that say about your product? While my product knowledge and sales ability increased over time, the catalyst to sourcing more opportunities was my increase in confidence.

3. Show them that you know them – it’s what separates you from telemarketers. It makes your pitch warmer if you tighten the aperture in your call. What sounds better?

A. We provide a communications billing software to telecom service providers.

B. We provide a sophisticated IoT billing and customer management solutions to VoIP and internet providers in Massachusetts – we’re actually working with (client name in state) in your area to help them improve their billing operations.

It isn’t that difficult to leverage that little bit of information, but it shows that you have put in the effort and done your research. A prospect is much more inclined to listen to someone who knows them than listening to someone despondently recite the same canned line for the 70th time that day. If you have relevant information from a previous call, be sure to leverage that information.

4. Qualify your appointments – there is no point in setting appointments if they don’t make sense. My first few appointments were not qualified at all; not only did I waste the prospect’s time, but I also wasted our Account Executive’s time. Before you even call, you need to make sure that the company is an ideal fit. If they are not in the industry that you are catered to then why would you call them? While on the call, you need to make sure that you have a legitimate reason for the company to meet with us, you need to know who is meeting with us and who else will be involved in the decision-making process. If they can afford the product, and if making the decision to buy your product aligns with their initiatives and the timelines they have in place. This enables your sales team to be better prepared for the initial appointment and furthers your chance of sourcing a deal. After all, the whole purpose of an SDR is to source deals.

5. Have a schedule in place – to be a successful SDR, you need to be disciplined and have a schedule set in place. I would block off my first hour each day adding leads, doing research on Linkedin for new contacts within an organization and research on company websites to find relevant information for my calls. Then I would spend the next 2-3 hours cold-calling until lunch time: I had a goal set of making at least 30 calls before I ate lunch. After lunch, I would sit in on an AE’s call or listen to material to help me hone my sales skills and product knowledge. After that, I would keep calling until the end of the day. I made sure that I would hit at least 70 calls a day.

Being an SDR for an industry leading Communications billing software is exciting and rewarding. The SDR role with has been a fantastic learning experience and I’d encourage any recent graduate, who’s interested in Sales, to pursue similar positions. For more information about career opportunities at or our sophisticated billing and customer management solutions, contact today! We’re here to help!


eBook: Top Tips to Increase the Value of Your Communications Company

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What is the value of your communications company? 

While the answer to that question depends on numerous factors, it is crucial to keep in mind throughout every stage of growth in your business. Even if you are not quite ready to sell, a sound exit strategy can help any business owner achieve peace of mind and lead to a successful future sale.

Communications is a crowded space. The businesses in this market are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves and stand out from their competition. Rather than constantly chasing “the next big thing,” we want to help Voice, Data, and IoT service providers by outlining the top factors that impact valuation and actionable steps you can take today to increase the value of your communications company.

In this free eBook, we provide tips to increase the value of your company. You’ll learn:

  • The current state of Technology, Media & Telecommunication (TMT), which accounted for $698.2 billion in M&A activity, spread across 3,021 total deals in 2106 alone.
  • The top seven factors impacting valuations in this space (like growth rate, adoption of emerging technology, compliance, data and reporting capabilities, margins, ARPU and retention).
  • The top seven steps you can take today to increase the value of your communications company.


Whether you’re looking to raise money for growth or maximize valuation for exit, the power is in your hands to increase the value of your communications business. Download our free eBook below to get started.

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How to Build a More Innovative Team, According to’s C-Suite

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What exactly does it mean to have an innovative team?

Innovation is a buzzword thrown around loosely in corporate life, but all-too-often lacks a defined path or strategy. When you look at the numbers, this disconnect between business and innovation becomes clear…

Two-thirds of organizations say that innovation is crucial to survival, yet fewer than one third say they are innovating successfully to drive growth and increase revenue.

“Passion for Innovation” is a Core Value within’s culture, and we let it lead the way in everything we do. Today, we’re going behind-the-scenes with two members of our c-suite to paint a picture of how we build and promote an innovative team within our company culture.

Here are some innovation tips from our CEO, Brent Maropis, and VP of Operations, Geneva Gross.

What does innovation actually mean? What does it mean to you?

Brent: “Innovation is identifying and implementing new ways in which we perform tasks, processes, and projects faster, more consistently, easier, with better results.”

Geneva: “At its core, innovation is just a “new idea” relating to process, tools, or concepts. To me, the qualifier for innovation extends beyond this definition – to be a truly innovative team, a significant or measurable impact is a must. In other words, is the idea significant? Does it matter? If I completely change the way my department runs but it has not made a measurable or significant impact to the well-being of my team or the overall customer experience, that isn’t innovation. That’s just a process change.”

How do you promote innovation within the team? What’s the strategy?

Brent: “We measure what matters and provide transparency into those results. This transparency prompts feedback from employees, partners, and clients, which we then use to identify opportunities to improve processes and solve problems. We make sure our employees feel empowered to innovate and evolve everything we do.”

Geneva: “Our team leaders set an annual theme and six month strategic plans. We discuss this strategy with our teams, meet twice a year to align, and work with our Operational Leadership Team to uncover innovative ways to fulfill the strategic plan. This helps align the entire organization around a shared goal and provides the framework for our employees to be innovative with meeting those strategic goals.

Our functional teams also meet quarterly to make changes to business process, tools, and concepts. Each quarter starts with the idea that no process or tool is safe from change or replacement. Evolution is a necessity at, and providing an environment where each team member has influence in their functional area supports leadership development and promotes grassroots change.”

“We publicly recognize those who show a passion for innovation in their day to day.”

– Geneva Gross

Rapid change and disruption are necessary to stay competitive in today’s market, but how can you keep your team engaged and positive throughout the process?

Geneva: “In my opinion, the most important thing is simply allowing change to happen. Most people want to evolve and grow and get excited about how this change will positively impact their future. So, give everyone a voice to weigh in on the change. This alignment will increase your chances of getting team buy-in or, at the very least, more positive attitudes because they know they had a direct influence in the future of the organization.”

What is technology’s role in enhancing team innovation?

Geneva: “Technology’s role is to remove obstacles to allow employees to be innovative change agents. I look to technology to allow us to be faster, remove decision points, eliminate repeated tasks, and provide visibility within the organization. I want to the tools to do the work so our people can come up with creative solutions for our clients.”

How do you keep innovation in mind during the hiring process?

Brent: “We ask behavioral-based questions that quantify a candidate’s willingness and ability to succeed in an innovative environment. We require each candidate to provide an example of how they have fulfilled their value for innovation in the past and their vision for driving it in the future. After each interview, we rate the candidate’s passion for innovation based on their answers.”

A few examples:

  • Please tell me about a time that you were presented with an issue to which you did not have adequate resources immediately available to solve and how you overcame it?
  • What technology are you most excited about currently and why?
  • Relate a time when you had a new idea and how you made the idea heard.
  • Explain a time when you were involved with changing and innovating your environment.

What are some common innovation roadblocks, and how do you encourage the team to move past them?

Geneva: “Analysis paralysis comes to mind. If you overanalyze, it is hard to just get off the ground. Innovation starts with the idea. Jump right in and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“Relying on old habits and getting stuck in comfort zones. We create a theme for the company each year, set specific goals, and reward those who innovate.”

– Brent Maropis

Want to know more about how is innovating to become the best cloud billing system and back office software company in the world? We invite you to meet and learn more about our team and our process today!

Meet the Women Engineering a Better Future at

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The Future Is Female…

While more women are graduating with four-year engineering degrees than ever, they are still underrepresented in the engineering industry and are more likely than men to leave the engineering profession. In fact, although women make up 20% of engineering school graduates, they make up a mere 12% of practicing engineers.

“Increasing the persistence of women in engineering at all stages of their careers is imperative to solving this talent shortage.”

– Society of Women Engineers

At, we provide a culture that supports and empowers our team to work hard and enjoy thriving careers. Today, we’re going to give you a behind-the-scenes visit with two of our female engineers, Ginah and Catherine.

Meet Ginah and Catherine – Two of’s Female Engineers

female engineer atlanta     female engineer

What’s your name and job title?

Ginah: “Ginah Colon – Software Engineer”

Catherine: “Catherine Johnson – Software Support Engineer”

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

Ginah: “Georgia Institute of Technology – Electrical Engineering”

Catherine: “Georgia State University – Computer Science”

What first interested you about a career in technology and/or engineering?

Ginah: “As a kid growing up, I was always good at math but I also had a curiosity about how things worked. Anytime a device (like an alarm clock) broke at our house, I would take it apart to try to fix it. This made my parents, and other adults, make the “you’re going to be an engineer” comment, and the more I heard that, the more I considered it.”

Catherine: “Watching my Dad build computers as a kid drew my interest. My sophomore year of college, I took a programming course and after my first day of class, I changed my major to computer science. I’ve been pursuing it ever since.”

What’s the most challenging part about being a female in this industry?

Ginah: “The most challenging part of being a female engineer is the side conversations that happen in class or at work. Not to be too stereotypical, but you are constantly having to participate in “guy” talk, meaning the conversation is about cars, sports, yard work, etc. I know enough about those topics to hold my own, but not having a female counterpart to discuss other topics of interest can be difficult.”

Catherine: “Since I didn’t go to an engineering school, I was usually one of the only females in most of my classes, so I didn’t get to make a lot of female engineer friends. Being out of college now, I have met so many amazing women doing great things in the technology field. It makes any loneliness I experienced in college well worth it.”

What’s the most rewarding part of being a female engineer?

Ginah: “Squashing stereotypes and surpassing expectations. Every time someone is surprised by my profession, my alma mater, or my efficiency and hard work, I’m reminded that I’m helping to pave the way for future female engineers. Hopefully, one day, we won’t be seen as unique or as “female” engineers at all. Instead, we will simply be engineers, experiencing the same challenges and rewards as our male counterparts.”

Catherine: “Definitely being able to show other women that it is possible to be successful in a male-dominated field.”

What advice do you have for females aspiring to become engineers?

Ginah: “I advise future female engineers to do their research, look into what it means to be an engineer. Look up the different types of engineering – there are far more variations than you’d think. Finally, look up the different careers you can pursue with an engineering degree – it’s not just one path of joining an engineering team.”

Catherine: “Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t good enough or smart enough and always stand up for what you believe in, even if you’re the minority.”

To learn more about what’s driving female attrition in the STEM professions and how your organization can better advocate for women in engineering, check out SWE’s recent study. Or, if you’re a female engineer looking for job opportunities at a company recognized as one of Atlanta’s “100 Best Workplaces for Women,” learn more about the culture today!

Behind the Scenes With & WIT Girls 2017

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One of’s top values is “caring for employees, clients and the community.” One of our favorite ways to give back? WIT Girls Job Shadow Week.

While women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce, they only account for 29% of the science and engineering workforce. This disparity becomes especially apparent in college, where America lags behind in the number of students majoring in science and engineering at colleges and universities, especially females. WIT Girls collaborates with Georgia businesses to support and inspire girls looking to break through barriers and advance in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) careers.

Our team has been proud to participate in this annual Women in Technology event for the past three years. would not be what it is today without our female engineers, and we love giving young girls a glimpse into the future of a career in technology. This hands-on experience provides participants with a better picture of what their futures hold upon earning a degree in a STEAM field. Other participating companies include Sage, StateFarm, SunTrust, SecureWorks, and The Weather Company.

Behind-The-Scenes of 2017’s WIT Girls Job Shadow Week

This year, we brought in ten girls between 9th and 12th grade to shadow our female engineers. Monday was full of warm introductions, a tour of the office, and the week’s assignments / expectations. Tuesday through Thursday, participants had a chance to shadow the females of and experience their day-to-day responsibilities and skillsets. On Friday, the girls were tasked with creating a presentation on what their impact could be as a female in STEAM.

WIT Girls Geneva Gross .      WIT Girls Brent Maropis

The team helped participants with presentation, leadership and soft skills as well as more technical experience (including writing code!). We always offer each participant a GitHub account so they can start a foundation or portfolio for a career in tech. Who knows…perhaps they’ll be engineering the next key piece of’s technology one day.

The program is led by’s Gevena Gross, a 2016 Woman of the Year in Technology honoree. She speaks on why decided to get involved:

“I had worked with WIT in the past, and while I would love to take full credit for’s involvement, it was really the men of that brought this to fruition. They wanted more female software engineers. They wanted that diversity and perspective to make our software stronger. is passionate about this program, and were thrilled to get involved. It was really a no-brainer for us to volunteer.”

We’re proud to help guide more young women towards STEM careers. To learn more about WIT Girls and how you can get involved, visit their website. Learn more about the culture to learn more about our company values.

How to Convince Your Boss to Attend the Client Summit

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Interested in attending our annual Client Summit, but need to convince your boss? 

Registration is live for’s 4th Annual Client Summit! We look forward to these three days each year, and it’s less than 100 days away! Are you ready to save your spot for the event? Or does your boss need some persuading to agree to send you to our Client Summit? The 2016 Summit recap video wasn’t enough? Are the sessions, platform training, and networking events worth the flight and time away from the office? The answer is yes.

We’re here to help you prepare for that conversation to convince your boss.

1.’s Client Summit will improve our ROI

Attending the Client Summit can help you maximize your experience and improve your billing processes – directly impacting ROI. We’re going to be discussing best practices for avoiding revenue leakage, improving agent relationships, and streamlining workflows and reducing manual errors through process automation.

2. There are training sessions for increasing productivity

Companies looking to grow revenue are often dealing with the same challenges – bandwidth. At, we want to help you do more with less. That’s why we’ll be showcasing new integrations and features to make your team more efficient and effective. What would you do with those extra hours back in your day?

3. Multiple networking opportunities each day

One of the best perks of our annual Client Summit are the opportunities to learn from other Clients. From intimate panel discussions discussing growth strategies to evening events, our Summit is designed to help you build relationships and leverage the community.

4. Connect with other vendors in the ecosystem

In addition to the team and clients, the event will be sponsored by a dozen (or more) partners in the Communications and IoT ecosystem. Whether you’re still building your business, adding a new offering, or an established brand in the market, connecting with leading carriers, switches, and compliance organizations will bring value to your business.

Introducing’s Newest Team Members

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“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

– Jeff Bezos, CEO at

We recognize that life and business is all about give and take. As we continue to push ourselves to deliver the best back-office billing software in the world, we’ve noticed a beautiful trend starting to take shape. The more we empower our customers to reach and surpass their goals, the more customers we acquire. To keep up with this growing client roster, we’ve grown our team substantially this year.

We wanted to introduce some of our newest team members to you:


Adrian Simonis, Software Engineer



Tara Hazle, Development Project Manager


Selma Dzaferovic, Implementation Project Manager


How did you find out about the job opening at
“Geneva reached out to me on LinkedIn regarding the open PM position – we had worked together previously in Atlanta.”

What was your first impression of after you first interview?
“That this was a rewarding company to work for. The ACT TOP values covered in the interview as well as speaking with Geneva and Petty helped me see that the company not only stands by their values, but actively strives to cultivate a culture that is beneficial for both employees and clients.

How do you like working here so far?
“I truly enjoy working here. Or, as I like to say, I am one of the few lucky people who wake up in the morning and look forward to coming into work! The team here works hard, but also plays hard. They have been so supportive during the ramp-up period. Even during our busiest times, everyone tries to help and looks out for one another.”

Any final thoughts, comments, stories you would like to add?
“When you are a part of, whether you are a client or an employee, you are truly part of a family. You can feel that support everywhere.”

Jonathan Williams, IT Billing and Migration Engineer


How did you find out about the job opening at
“I worked with a couple of recruitment agents to look for opportunities in Metro Atlanta. It was my first time looking for employment in the US.”

What was your first impression of after you first interview?
“Everyone I met from the moment I walked into the office for interview were very welcoming. I got the sense of a team wanting to deliver a quality product and service to their clients while also supporting each other.”

How do you like working here so far?
“It’s my first experience working for a small business. It’s great to see how all the different job roles and functions interact and support delivery. I feel there’s a real opportunity to make a difference. There’s lots of opportunities to learn and to be actively involved in the company’s evolution.”

Any final thoughts, comments, stories you would like to add?
“So far, every day brings fresh challenges and something new to get involved with, which makes it an exciting place to be.”


Katie Evans, Account Manager


Will Steiner, Account Manager


Dong Yan, Software Support Engineer


Itsoya Abebe, Software Support Engineer



Nadia Rahman, Marketing Intern


Brendan Thomas, Sales Development Representative


Matt Querze, Senior Sales Account Executive


John Lung’aho, Sales Development Representative

How did you find out about the job opening at

“A recruiter on LinkedIn contacted me about the opening.”

What was your first impression of after you first interview?
“The office culture was the first thing that stood out to me. I left the interview feeling comfortable about working at”

How do you like working here so far?
“I love it. When it is time to work hard we work hard, and when it is time to have fun we have fun. I think we have found the healthy balance of work and play at The Sales and Marketing team is great. I think we work well together. Evan, Ryan, Nathan, and Olivia have been very helpful to me.”

Any final thoughts, comments, stories you would like to add?
“Just happy for the opportunity I have to work at a fast-growing company.”

Want to learn more about who we are or what we do? We are here to help you grow. Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions.

Behind-the-Scenes: Meet the Real Team

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If you’re a client, you probably know our team as the best-of-the-best in billing and back-office management. While we love helping businesses like yours grow, we are just regular people, with regular interests outside of work (we know – it’s hard to believe). After all, we didn’t get recognized as one of the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in Atlanta” for nothing.

Here are few behind-the-scenes insights to help you get to know our team a bit better.

ACT TOP Nominations

Each month, the Team gets together for our all employee meeting and a chance to recognize one another (through nominations) for embodying our values over the month.  During the meeting, our Senior Leadership Team provides transparency into progress toward company goals, the organization’s financials, and overall status of each department.

Team Building Activities

Achieving extraordinary results and delivering exceptional service is our passion, but we like to cut loose every now and again. Once a month, team hits up Fado’s Irish Pub in Buckhead Village for happy hour. Our go-to order? French fries, craft beers, and red wine. If anyone has suggestions for other great happy hour spots in Buckhead (especially with outdoor seating once the weather gets warmer) hit us up in the comments section!

Our Buckhead Digs

We are proud to work and play in the heart of Buckhead, surrounded by other innovators in a popular Atlanta tech hub. We take full advantage of everything the area has to offer (like Marta access and award-winning dining). Our office has a ping pong table (heated tournaments included), corn hole, a toddler-sized basketball hoop, a portable putting green, and….a Nintendo 64. But we promise, we’re professional adults who you can trust with your billing and customer management needs…

Office Fun & Competition

Last, but not least, we are unbelievably proud of our home-state football team – the Atlanta Falcons. Despite a heartbreaking, final-quarter loss, we made it to the Super Bowl and gave the Pats a run for their money! As you can guess, with headquarters in the south, we all take our football very seriously – so each year we host an office fantasy football league. The prize? A two-foot-tall trophy that proudly sits on the winner’s desk for the rest of the year (and bragging rights, of course).  Also, team isn’t embarrassed to admit that we love ABC’s The Bachelor. The real question? Is Corinne going to take that final rose?

Interested in working with our team? Learn more about our culture and check out our list of current openings.

[Press Release] Named a TAG Top 40 Innovative Technology Company

Posted by Named a TAG Top 40 Innovative Technology Company

Technology Association of Georgia Honors 40 Companies for Innovation and Contributions to the State’s Technology Community

ATLANTA (February 15, 2017) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), the state’s leading association dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of Georgia’s technology industry, today announced as one of its TAG Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia. TAG will recognize this prestigious group at the 2017 Georgia Technology Summit on March 23, 2017, at the Cobb Galleria Centre.

TAG’s Top 40 Awards recognize Georgia-based technology companies for their innovation, financial impact, and their efforts at spreading awareness of Georgia’s technology initiatives throughout the U.S. and globally.

“The 2017 Top 40 finalists are an elite group of innovators who represent the very best of Georgia’s Technology community,” said Larry Williams, President & CEO of TAG. “The 2017 Top 40 finalists are shining examples of what makes our State such a hotbed for technology and we applaud them for standing out as leaders in Georgia’s technology community.”

This year’s TAG Top 40 Companies were selected from among over 110 applications submitted by companies from across Georgia. Companies selected for the “Top 40” will be showcased in an exhibition at The 2017 Georgia Technology Summit.

“An extraordinary number of truly innovative technology companies participated in this year’s Top 40 competition, demonstrating the depth and breadth of Georgia’s technology community,” said Dennis Zakas, managing partner of Zakas & Leonard, LLP, CEO of Zinc., and chairperson of the Top 40 Selection Committee. “In fact, based on the quality of the contestants, we could have had a ‘Top 60’ without losing a beat.”

As the leading provider of sophisticated billing and customer management solutions, is focused on solving the mission-critical problems of Communications and IoT service providers. “We’re constantly innovating our platform to align with our clients as they’re making technological advancements and widening their offerings,” says’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Evan Rice. keeps their clients ahead of their competition by constantly evolving the platform to meet the changing needs of the communications and technology industries. “Our platform, consultative approach with clients, and powerful ecosystem of integrations and strategic partnerships sets us apart from others in the space,” says Rice. recently announced that their clients, for the third year in a row, have grown by more than double the industry average.

The 2017 Georgia Technology Summit is expected to draw a crowd of more than 1,300 C-level executives, entrepreneurs, technology professionals and academia to celebrate and recognize Georgia’s technology community. In addition to presentations from some of the top technology influencers in the nation, the newest member of the Technology Hall of Fame of Georgia will be inducted.

For more information about TAG and the Georgia Technology Summit and to register for the event, visit summit and Follow the conversation on Twitter through #TAGGTS.



TAG is the leading technology industry association in the state, serving more than 30,000 members through regional chapters in Metro Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Macon/Middle Georgia, and Savannah. TAG’s mission is to educate, promote, and unite Georgia’s technology community to foster an innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates and enhances a tech-based economy.

Additionally, the TAG Education Collaborative (TAG’s charitable arm) focuses on helping science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiatives thrive.

For more information visit the TAG website at or TAG’s community website at To learn about the TAG-Ed Collaborative visit


ABOUT REV.IO, recognized as an Inc. 5000 company, provides sophisticated billing-as-a-service (BaaS) to communications and Internet of Things (IoT) service providers, enabling them to manage their end customers’ subscriptions, usage, taxation, billing, and payments. To learn more about, go to the website or give us a call at 866-470-5502.




Olivia Sekerak,

Direct: 540-529-3657



A Note from’s CEO to the Team

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“While I write my next day’s to-do list, I reflect on my achievements. And by doing this, I also try to listen as good as I can how much fun and fulfillment I have gotten.”
– Steve Jobs

Science shows that acknowledging your accomplishments and reflecting on the past is critical for growth of any kind, especially in business. But when you’re dedicated to client growth like we are at, it can be all too easy to run full-steam-ahead, overlooking internal wins. Today, we’re putting the to-do lists aside for a moment to reflect on what we’ve accomplished internally.

Four years ago, our team moved headquarters to Atlanta, GA and had the privilege of welcoming Brent Maropis as the new CEO. It has been an incredible journey ever since. Here’s a note from him, congratulating the team on a job well done in 2016:

To Our Team – Thank You for Everything You Do.

I want to take a moment and thank each of you for your hard work in 2016. We came a long way as a team and company this past year, and I am truly proud and honored by our accomplishments together. Like previous years, we did an excellent job building upon previous themes, but this year was different. We learned the value of saying ‘No’ to projects that did not align with our goals, chose roadmap projects that positioned us on the cutting edge, invested in employee development, empowered leaders within the company to deliver on our goals and successfully rebranded. Commitment to connection was the first theme that lasted an entire year, giving it much deeper meaning and impact.

Ultimately, the difference from 2016 compared to past years was the fact that we superseded our annual goal! AWESOME JOB! I think about this year vs. previous years and the real difference is the strength of our team and strength of our ACT TOP culture which makes all of this possible. I love it. Our success is derived from your feedback and initiative to make the best place to work, and the best billing and back-office software company out there. It’s humbling to reflect on the transformation that takes place over the course of the year and see your brilliant ideas come to life. You changed our company for the better.

Looking forward, I am more confident and excited than ever before to gain your feedback on new ways we can further manifest our ACT TOP Values. This year, we will build on our theme of Commitment to Connections by Empowering employees to Evolve for the betterment of our team, partners, and clients. Together we will find new ways to serve and grow clients, establish new partner strategies, leverage innovation to make it easier to integrate & implement and expand into new markets. We will also onboard our 100th client and will turn 15 years old.

Thank you again for such a great year and I look forward to an amazing journey together in 2017. I wish you and your families a Happy New Year.

All the best,

Brent Maropis CEO

Looking Back: Honoring 15 Years in Business

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Back in 2002, we had a vision to create an agile and adaptable platform to help our clients grow. Fast forward fifteen years in business – 2017 marks a major milestone for’s usage-based billing platform, and we have no plans of slowing down. Thanks to our strong team, inspiring clients and dedicated partners, this has been an incredible journey. We’ve learned a lot, made a few mistakes, built an amazing team along the way and helped our clients soar to new heights.

Before we move full steam ahead into our future, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past. What better way to recap the last fifteen years in business and the lessons we’ve learned than by chatting with the people who were there all along?

Q&A Session With 3 OGs

Name: Ross Overstreet
Title: Founder, CTO
Years at 15

Name: Evan Rice
Title: VP of Sales & Marketing
Years at 5

Name: Alan Sellers
Title: Software Engineer
Years at 13

Q: What have been the biggest lessons learned in scaling up?

“As you scale, you have to take extreme care of the people that you hire or you risk eroding the culture that made you great enough to scale in the first place.”

– Evan Rice

Ross: That this company is only as great as its people. Hiring the best people is what makes any company successful. We try to be completely transparent with our team to help them feel empowered and important, because they are! We also try to keep our employees happy – it’s an initiative that we’re constantly working on and improving.

Q: You’ve built a powerful platform that’s leading in the industry. How did you determine what features your customers needed most?

Evan: We leverage feedback from our clients through multiple methods: on-going client business reviews, meetings at industry events,’s Annual Summit, and through our electronic forum ideas. We also stay on top of industry trends and choose one to three larger strategic items every six months to develop as Strategic Roadmap releases to help keep our clients out in front of the industry.

Q: What are some lessons you’ve learned through the hiring process?

Evan: The pressure to gain capacity by filling an open position can be massive and it can lead to unconsciously compromising your standards. I typically like to ask two other employees to conduct short interviews with the candidates. That second or third opinion from other employees (who don’t have the same pressure to fill a position) helps confirm that the candidate will be a good fit for the company.

Ross: I like to ask everyone the same basic questions so I can later compare answers to standardize the interviewing process. I like to evaluate people on values and their specific skills and objectives. Spending part of the interview asking value-based questions (as opposed to just skill-based questions) is crucial for us. This helps determine if the candidate would truly fit in here. The ideal candidate profile has changed over time. As grows, we’ve had to evolve our interview process to keep up with the growth of our company.

Q: What do you feel has been the biggest milestone since launch?

“The move to Atlanta and Brent joining the Team as CEO. The last four years have been incredibly fun and we’ve improved so much. For the first 10 years, we dedicated almost all of our time to developing the software itself. Every year gets better now because we’re growing and changing and learning.”

– Ross Overstreet

Evan: There have been many milestones, but the one that stands out is hitting five million in annualized recurring revenue.

Alan: Probably moving out of the POTS Communication segment. Communications in general was expanding (VoIP, wireless, etc), so we decided to generalize the platform. Now, we have lots of different clients using our recurring billing platform. Another major milestone was the transition to having clients come to the office to do in-person training. Before that, we did one-on-one training with clients over the phone. It was exciting to see multiple clients come into our office each monthly for a session. That’s when it really occurred to me that we were growing quickly.

Q: How do you stay relevant in an industry that can sometimes seem outdated?

Evan: The industry we are in isn’t outdated. Cloud, IoT, SDN…these are all at the heart of our core industry. We align ourselves with innovative companies. The ones that are committed to the outdated version of our industry simply won’t survive.

“Well, we rebranded this year. That’s been a huge change and helped us better reflect our values as a company. The name ‘’ is perfect because it notates that we’re a computerized software that’s helping companies with their revenues.”

– Alan Sellers

Q: How has’s purpose shifted over the years?

Evan: The mission has stayed the same – to be the best billing and back-office software company and the world by providing innovative solutions and extraordinary service to our clients and end users. The software, our team, our location, our goals, and our approach have all changed over the years, but our purpose remains consistent.

Q: You just rebranded, launched a new website, and celebrated 15 years in business. What’s next for

Evan: We are focused on continuing to empower our clients and employees, and evolving our approach and service offering. We are pursuing this through initiatives like our newly founded Operational Leadership and soon-to-be-released RESTful API. This is going to allow us to be even more effective as we continue to scale.

Alan: Diving deeper into the exploration of the new IoT space and further developing our API to bring more integration capabilities.

Ross: Create the next generation of products for our current and future clients. We’ll also strive to continue at this increased, productive pace. I want to stay at this stride and continue to improve how we’re serving, finding, and onboarding clients so that we’re always ahead of the curve.

Want more behind-the-scenes insights with Meet and learn more about our journey today!

A Look Into the Future of Communications

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“It’s rare that a technology company can remain innovative years after the partnership begins…But is always thinking ahead.” – Tom Tharrington, President of Broadsmart

For many of us, the way we communicate has evolved tremendously over the years. From landlines to mobile, snail mail to email, and face-to-face to face time, the transformation has been substantial. This disruptive technology is paving the way for new companies to develop and deliver new products and services to enhance the lives of consumers. It’s also becoming more important to pay attention to the future of technology and its impact on communications.

As personal communication transforms, the communications industry as a whole has seen some major shifts. According to Deloitte, the communications industry continues to be at “the epicenter for growth, innovation and disruption for virtually any industry.” This is because the way we connect directly impacts everything – from mobile, to wearables, to IoT, to Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) and so much more.

While it’s impossible to predict the future, here are three technologies carving a clear path to shape the future of communications:

1) Internet of Things

IoT is the ability of a device to connect, collect and exchange data with other devices. Smart products are on the rise and soon enough, consumers will wonder how they ever lived without IoT products and services. IoT has truly opened the door for companies to develop new business models and push a technological revolution to the forefront. This increased connectivity represents a major opportunity for the businesses ready and able to handle its massive backoffice implications.

2) 5G Wireless

While IoT is presenting major opportunities for growth, the internet will remain as a key component of the communication landscape. As IoT grows, stability and speed will be a key driver for internet connectivity. 5th generation mobile networks will become the next standard in the communications industry. According to The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance, 5G should be rolled out by 2020.

3) Streamlined Customer Management

Modern technology is changing the way businesses interact with their customers, as well as what consumers have come to expect from their service providers. From painless activation to streamlined management, new and highly accessible platforms are empowering end-users to take more control over their buying and billing experience. Whether you’re focused on client retention, winning multi-location customers or reducing churn, check out our recent whitepaper: “Is Your Billing System Ready for Modern Business?

So what does all this mean for you?

It means that in order to compete in this ever-evolving market, communications companies must make a choice: adapt or get left behind. With a mission to be the best back office company in the world, we are privileged to work alongside with leaders in the communication industry to prepare for the future. If you have questions about how can help you stay ahead of the curve, get in touch with us. Rebrand: Appreciating Our Past & A Look Into The Future

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2017 marks a historic year for We will celebrate our 15th anniversary, reach a significant milestone of 100 clients, and launch a new website dedicated to helping clients and end-users build better businesses.

We knew 2017 would be a momentous year, so we got started early. At the beginning of 2016 we decided it was time to rebrand. Our telecom billing platform was expanding, we were reaching new markets, and our client-base was growing quickly. All of this lead us to the decision to refresh our brand to better reflect our mission and client growth.

Our new website is launching in just a few weeks, but our team announced the rebrand in June of last year. So if you missed the news, or want a reminder before we launch the new website – here is what our CEO, Brent Maropis, had to say about the rebrand:

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”

William Pollard

Change and innovation are vital pieces of any business and something we care deeply about. We are constantly looking at how we can better serve and provide for our clients, even if that means changing our own processes.

Over the past year, we have been looking closely at who we are, what we stand for, and how we can best support our clients. This process helped us see clearly that our name and brand did not accurately represent our mission or our core values.

Our services and offerings have expanded immensely, and we simply outgrew our name. So, to better serve our team and clients, we decided to change. We are now

The rebrand process has been an incredible experience and has helped open our team to new opportunities and growth. We’ve learned a great deal, so we wanted to share our rebrand story with you.”

Why the change?

Our clients think of us as a partner in their growth strategy. We’ve created a role that goes beyond just a technology vendor as we contribute to our client’s ability to lower overhead, scale with greater operating margins, and get to market with speed. As our products grew and our services became more robust, our messaging and branding simply did not align. So rather than trying to patch what was in place, we decided that the best course of action for both our team and clients was to change.

But rebranding was not something we took lightly. We knew it would be difficult, but we also realized that the change was far bigger than just a name. This was about ensuring our brand, message, and design clearly represented our story, values, solutions, and commitment to excellence.

Why and how does represent the future of the company?

Deciding on a name that represented our company, mission, and values was not an easy undertaking. After dozens of brainstorming sessions, whiteboard lunches, and late nights with the team, we selected ‘’ for several reasons.
The ‘Rev’ part of our name represents the core of our business: helping our clients grow their revenue. We are the experts in recurring and metered billing, so revenue is a major part of how we innovate for our clients.

The ‘io’ piece represents input and output, which is at the core of our company values. We actively seek our clients’ input on how we can better enhance our platform to meet their needs. This leads to better, more efficient output of features and services that serve our clients’ needs more effectively.

For us, was future-minded, much like our platform, culture, and clients. Our name changed to better reflect our growing role in the recurring billing solutions space. Our new name represents our passion for enabling companies to monetize any business model and encompasses how we are different in the market:

  • Experts in the recurring and metered billing space
  • Highly reliable and secure platform that innovates with flexibility and agility
  • Accessible, high-touch and consultative client partnership
  • Platform innovation that enables clients to manage their accounts and make changes
  • A competency at integration with an ecosystem of over 100 partners

In the end, represents who we are now and who we will continue to be for our clients and community.

What does this mean going forward?

Our future looks great and nothing is going away from the support and services you love. Going forward, you will see even more emphasis on ensuring you have access to the most innovative solutions and extraordinary service available. represents our passion for enabling companies with recurring revenue to monetize any business model. Our focus is your growth, and we are excited to have a brand that reflects our goals and sheds light on our solutions.
Internally, the change is well-timed as we move our headquarters to a new, larger office in Atlanta. The location is even more accessible and will give us a dedicated space for client training and collaboration.

Why does it matter?

It matters because everything we are — from our name to our solutions — is focused on bringing you the best and most innovative technologies available.

Our name changed to better reflect our growing role in the recurring billing solutions space. We are proud of our influence in the communications and technology industries and are well-positioned to reach additional markets, helping new clients in need of usage-based and recurring billing solutions.

We are thrilled that our brand is now fully aligned with our mission and values. We look forward to sharing more as we continue to provide the best solutions and care for our clients.

Thank you for being a part of this change with us – we’re excited about the future it holds.

Curious about which other companies changed their name? Here are a few that may surprise you:

  • BackRub to Google
  • Andersen Consulting to Accenture
  • Datsun to Nissan
  • AuctionWeb to Ebay
  • Blue Ribbon Sports to Nike
  • Peter’s Super Submarines to Subway
  • Sound of Music to Best Buy
  • Sound Around to Walkman

The Year for Connecting

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We’re all busy and have our own personal tasks and goals to accomplish. The new year brings us a fresh start and time to step back and re-evaluate where we are going and what we want to accomplish as a team. Most importantly for, we revisit the “why” behind our efforts. For our team, the core idea that we find ourselves revisiting time and time again is the concept of connecting.

We work in the busy world of connected devices every day and want a connected team to drive our business. What might this look like? Departments working together and collaborating more frequently. Clients feeling free to bring any concern to us and confident in our ability to fix it. At an industry level, attending more events and learning more about how we can make integrations and processes easier for our clients.

This year we make a commitment to connection.

At, we have seen the data and realize it’s imperative to set and achieve specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals. Unfortunately, over 80 percent of small business owners haven’t kept up with or set business goals … and this can really hurt their business. Have you created goals for 2016? In the U.S., only 50 percent of employees (management included) strongly agree that they understand what is expected of them in the workplace. Do your employees know the goals of your business? If not, it’s time to call a meeting. When employees know what the company is working toward, you will be more likely to successfully achieve these goals. In fact, if you review your goals and objectives at least once per quarter, you’re 45% more likely to have above-average financial performance. In short, if you want to make more money, setting goals is non-negotiable. In the spirit of transparency, here is a summary of’s company goals for 2016:


We want to grow our team, move offices, increase our knowledge base, connect with more partners to improve our bandwidth and be a better service provider overall for our clients. When a telecom billing platform company grows like we plan to, they need to have a well-educated team, resources and partners to support their expansion. 


Everyone wants to improve their processes to be more effective and efficient. 2016 is the year we focus on automating more of our processes, such as prospecting and content marketing. We will work to expand our testing to make even more improvements, as well as define how we can help each client reach success through our client success playbook.

Extraordinary Service

Successful companies start with customer service that goes above and beyond client expectations. We aim to improve our Client Success Scorecard ratings, customer satisfaction surveys and perform executive business reviews. 2016 brings a new look and feel for as we refresh our brand and website.


When you stop innovating, you stop growing. This year we want to drive innovation in our industry and continue to expand our development standards, automate our testing and implement a single sign-on process. We are also opening a data center on the west coast and will be constructing a diagram of our entire database.


We want you to be able to get started with faster than ever. That’s why we are launching a new website with the goal of reducing implementation time for midsize, strategic, enterprise and commercial accounts by at least 10-20 days. We will be defining quality metrics for installs this year, as well as enhancing our Client Success Scorecard.

Here’s the Nitty-gritty on Our Goals at


  • Implement a Resale Partner Program
  • Relocate to New Office
  • Increase Sales Staff by 3x
  • Implement Learning Management System
  • Create Technical Certification Program
  • Expand our Partners for Development Work
  • Broaden our Prospect Universe


  • Modularize Development for Multi-Release Process
  • Define “On-Hold” Process for Pre-activated Accounts
  • Implement Prospecting Automation for Sales
  • Implement Content Marketing Automation
  • Update Peer Review Process and Timeline
  • Expand Quality Assurance and User Acceptance Testing Processes
  • Create a Client Success Manager Playbook

Extraordinary Service

  • Introduce Crowdfunded Pro Services
  • Refresh Company Brand
  • Implement Post-Activation Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Achieve Top Ratings on Success Scorecard
  • Conduct Executive Business Reviews with Clients


  • Expand on Development Standards
  • Implement Automated Testing
  • Construct a Database Diagram
  • Open a West Coast Data Center
  • Implement Single Sign-on


  • Increase Module Adoption
  • Launch a Redesigned Website
  • Promote and Enhance Scorecard
  • Reduce Implementation Time for Midsize, Strategic and Enterprise Accounts by 20 Days
  • Develop Commercial Account Automation
  • Reduce Implementation Time for Commercial Accounts by 10 Days
  • Further Define Quality Metrics for Installs

We welcome the new goals, innovation and exciting challenges we know 2016 has in store for us. If you’d like to join us in the adventure, learn more about the culture today! If you’re inspired by our outlook for the year and would like to update your service provider, please let us know. We’re here to help.

Transparency: Making Successful Each & Every Day

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Transparency can make or break a company in today’s market. We like to think of transparency as our secret weapon. We are fans of an open door policy and want you to know what we are working on next. Learn how has created a culture of organizational transparency.

In both our internal and external processes, we ingrain transparency into each and every step. Our employees, clients, prospects, and partners want to know and understand our business process, what we are planning for the future, what our culture is like essentially, why In order to stand out from the pack, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide clarity and transparency in everything we do – this is our fundamental commitment to you.

Our Clients Matter.

Our clients are an extension of our team because they provide invaluable insights that make the best possible. These insights help our team deliver quality results and provide consistent customer service that allows us to exceed our goals and achieve our company mission.

Without client feedback, we wouldn’t be able to make the necessary improvements to keep our products on the cutting edge. In 2015, we released 70 Ideas as a response to user requests to improve the platform. Prior to the release of each and every update, our clients are notified with a change alert. No surprises, complete transparency.

Our Sales and Marketing departments also embody our value of transparency (we know it’s a breath of fresh air). We’ll even share our sales training and processes with you so you can improve your own sales methods – you need only ask! When you start working with, we will walk you through the implementation phases before any execution of the agreement so you know up front how everything will work.

Have you been to the Summit? Every year we treat our clients to an event where they get an inside look at our people, processes, technology and initiatives. Once you are a client, you’ll also get an Executive Newsletter showcasing other notable clients, employees, and recent updates. Our Help Center is available for prospects and clients alike to access learning resources on demand.

We use too. When you eat the cookies you bake, you get to see what’s flawed and what’s amazing first hand. Utilizing both internal and external perspectives, we continually gain insight into how our telecom billing platform works and what needs to be improved in order to make it even better.

Great Employees Make a Great Company.

Over 85% of employees are unhappy with the quality of workplace communication. In addition, 81% would rather join a company that values “open communication” than one that offers extra office perks like free meals and gym memberships. The today’s workforce, it’s becoming more and more common to have open communication policies where managers empower their employees.

Here at, we value a culture of transparency and community. Our team kicked off 2015 asking each employee to share ideas on how to better connect our values with what we do every day. We created an online Trello board that housed these ideas and moved them around as task were accomplished.

2015 also saw the introduction of our program “Ask Me Anything (AMA).” All questions are answered by our Chief Technology Officer and the Roadmap Team, enabling the entire company to explore new ideas, tackle challenges and provide insights into developing new solutions.

Even our training process involves transparency. All new employees start with Academy, which is a two-day interactive training session incorporating instruction and hands-on learning experiences. Each week, we host continuing education sessions to provide in-depth product knowledge. Monthly, our team can attend training webinars to learn more about all the modules and features in Whenever an employee has questions or needs to dive deeper into our platforms, they can turn to our continually expanding video library to explore features and best practices (it’s available to the public too!). We even have a boot camp to train employees through hyper-focused sessions on deep-dive configurations and implementations with’s clients. When in doubt, our team can turn to real-life Use Cases of how to best utilize in different scenarios.

Our team has been recognized on a regional and national level for our culture and quality work environment. We are extremely proud of our focus on creating a culture of organizational transparency and believe that this open and trusting work environment is reflected in our open and trusting relationships with our clients.

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