Spectrotel Gains Competitive Advantage with Rev.io

January 24, 2015 Olivia Sekerak

Service providers look to stay competitive through market expansion and service diversification, but many companies overlook the value of modernizing their recurring billing platform and back office systems.  Progressive companies, like Spectrotel, are leading the market by leveraging cloud-based solutions to increase agility, target new markets, and decrease operational expenses.

Spectrotel realized that in order to grow their business and push ahead of competition, they needed to set a plan in place to improve current operations.  They needed a full end-to-end solution that had the best overall technology in the market with the most talented, energetic, and entrepreneurial team.

“If your billing and back office lacks flexibility and good data, you’re losing your competitive advantage to win and retain customers,” says Ross Artale, President of Spectrotel.  “As a service provider, we needed a solution that would fully support our business growth.”  Enter Rev.io.

Finding the Perfect Solution

Spectrotel, headquartered in Neptune, NJ, was founded in 1996 with a mission to bring quality, affordability, and a personalized telecommunications service to customers of all sizes nationwide.  From traditional voice and data services to leading edge IP-based solutions, Spectrotel’s “Simply Better Service” is designed to bring the best available underlying infrastructure with unparalleled solutions, service, and savings to its customers.  

After reviewing their current back-office infrastructure, Spectrotel knew they needed to find a different telecom billing platform option that could improve their processes and grow with their business. With the pain points identified and goals set, Spectrotel evaluated countless solutions in the market and narrowed their focus to a Top 3:


  • Solution #1: Great billing, but no order flow or ticket flow to create efficiency
  • Solution #2: Good workflow, but lacking in key billing functionality
  • Rev.io: Complete solution with end-to-end customer lifecycle management for billing, ordering, provisioning, workflow, ticketing, and more


The choice was obvious – Rev.io was the clear winner, providing the fully integrated, business-in-a-box solution Spectrotel needed.

Seeing Results Instantly

Since implementing Rev.io, Spectrotel reduced their back office staff of 8 down to 2.  Even while growing their employee base from 48 employees to over 80, they maintained only 2 employees administering Rev.io.  By eliminating all 6 legacy systems and consolidating them into 1 (Rev.io), Spectrotel has been able to save over $1 Million in OPEX.  In addition to the cost savings from staff and systems, Spectrotel was able to increase their revenue by 40% over a 2 year period.

“Rev.io has the best product, people, and technology in the business. I recommend Rev.io for any business looking to improve billing operations, service delivery and customer-facing tools.”

Ross Artale, President of Spectrotel

Partnering for a Competitive Edge

Effective customer self-service is an increasingly critical element to competitive differentiation.  While it is widely known that one value of self-service is lowering support costs for a business, what is the true value of self-service and how does it solve real issues for customers?  Spectrotel has been providing communications and IT services to businesses of all sizes, nationwide, for over 19 years.  During this time, Spectrotel became familiar with issues facing the market.  These included:


  • Most organizations were forced to manage their IT and communication accounts and services with information provided solely on their monthly invoices.
  • Invoices were confusing, complicated and error-prone
  • Companies couldn’t access their information when and how they needed it


Understanding these issues, Spectrotel partnered with Rev.io to offer a solution to these market challenges.  Spectrotel’s vision was to deliver a customer self-service experience unlike any other provider in the market.  The goal was to create a solution for their customer that offered anytime access to their information, flexibility to control their invoices and inventory, and a single, easy-to-use portal for even the most robust and complex accounts.


The result was Enterprise Customer Portal, a new way for customers to self-serve.  Enterprise Customer Portal delivers true self-service value by empowering customers with tools to manage IT and communication services.  Some of the benefits Spectrotel’s customers reported were:


  • Improvements in their showback and chargeback processes
  • Easy-to-understand invoices and inventory through personalized services
  • Time savings through anytime, anywhere online access


The true value of self-service can be found not in the cost savings for the business, but in customer empowerment.  The customer experience is evolving with self-service tools like Enterprise Customer Portal leading the way.  “We’re growing our business in ways we never have before.  Today, service providers cannot afford to have their legacy systems, or lack thereof, stifle their business growth,” says Artale.  “Market leaders must realize the need to monetize their back-office and choose a solution provider, like Rev.io, to help them create a competitive advantage.”

You can download the full Spectrotel case study here. Or, for more incredible stories about how businesses improved their billing processes, check out how Comm-Core grew recurring revenue by 30% and their customer base by 127% by switching to Rev.io! If you’re ready to learn more about Rev.io’s powerful billing software, contact Rev.io today. We’d love to chat!


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