How Helped The Telecom Company Quickly Save Money, Consolidate Systems, and Bundle Products

March 2, 2021 Will Norris

“I now find that my team doesn’t have to spend a lot of time checking errors and fixing things. has made our lives easier…and is well worth the money.” – Vincent DePalo, CEO of The Telecom Company




The Telecom Company, founded in April 2000, is a national provider of next-generation internet, Wi-Fi, and voice services. Specializing in business-class voice and data services, The Telecom Company equips residential areas and businesses across the United States with VoIP, UCaaS, fiber-optic internet, fixed wireless internet, and managed IT solutions. The Telecom Company, trusted by Fortune 500 companies and government institutions throughout the nation, prides itself on a technology and service reputation of reliability, security, and speed.




Before transitioning to’s sophisticated billing, payments, and customer management platform, The Telecom Company primarily relied on QuickBooks® to bill its clients for product and service orders.




As The Telecom Company’s business grew, managing its more challenging billing responsibilities through QuickBooks® became a major time and resource commitment for the company. Leadership at The Telecom Company realized that they needed to make a change. “The way we were (managing products) in Quickbooks before was extremely inefficient,” said Vincent DePalo, CEO of The Telecom Company.


From here, Vincent and his team began researching alternative solutions, deciding on after an extensive evaluation process.




Transitioning to’s software helped The Telecom Company save money, consolidate systems, optimize processes, and improve efficiency across the board, according to DePalo. In particular,’s advanced product bundling capabilities were an immediate difference-maker for DePalo and his billing team. “Bundling is one area where we were able to save a ton of money with,” said DePalo.




Within just the first six months as a client of, The Telecom Company was able to:


• Consolidate three financial and tracking systems down to one integrated pair ( plus QuickBooks®)

• Consolidate its billing team from three full-time managers to one manager and a part-time support role

• Cut two-thirds of its USAC product obligations through bundling


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