& Call One: Partners in Growth

February 4, 2021 Will Norris

“As we evolve as a company, we needed a system that would evolve and integrate with us.” – Joe Johnson, Director of IT at Call One     


Long before becoming strategic partners, and Call One shared a similar vision. For many years, both businesses have emphasized the value of forward-thinking systems and processes that empower scalable growth. 

Explore how Call One’s experiences with’s Onboarding team and sophisticated billing platform have equipped Call One to continue evolving in a highly competitive advanced communications marketplace. 




Call One Director of IT Joe Johnson said that the business’s smooth transition to’s sophisticated billing platform is a direct result of the fantastic support provided by’s in-house Onboarding team. 


Some highlights from this experience: 


  • kept an executive team on Call One’s account for six months following the business’s billing migration 
  • provided comprehensive support to help Call One mitigate revenue leakage, manage integrations, and customize reporting


“It shows that [] isn’t some big bureaucratic machine and we have to wait to get the smallest things done. is right there with us through the whole thing.” – Joe Johnson, Director of IT at Call One 




To deliver on promises and uphold their prominent reputation in the advanced communications space, Johnson said Call One needed a billing partner who could help the business stay organized. With’s sophisticated billing platform, Call One is able to: 


  • Administer multi-location customer accounts with precision 
  • Manage variations in customer services requests and volumes
  • Oversee a wide array of customer installation dates 


“There is a lot to manage. The tool helps our operations people manage that process effectively and deliver on (our) promises.” – Joe Johnson, Director of IT at Call One


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