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March 21, 2016 Evan Rice

Client success can be challenging to measure, but it’s a great indicator of your company’s overall health. We wanted to better understand our clients so we developed a Success Scorecard to see what our clients think of our platform, services and the level of communication they receive from our team each day.’s Success Scorecard

The Success Scorecard is an objective tool that measures all facets of the way we serve our clients. It helps us to identify key areas to improve upon in order to deliver a more consistent, streamlined and transparent service. Our scorecard lets us evaluate where we are to see how we can better deliver extraordinary service.

The scorecard includes industry benchmarks in several categories, helping us see how we are performing against the industry standard. This feature makes it an extremely powerful business performance measurement tool. Monthly, the client success metrics are published and shared with our client base. How many other usage-based billing systems let you know how they are truly performing each month? Transparency is key.

Core Metrics Measured


  • Client Services – public response and resolution times on tickets
  • Development – Roadmap team’s response and resolution times on tickets

Pro Service

  • Client Services – public response time and statement of work creation time
  • Development – Roadmap team’s time to schedule Pro Service and review work before a release

Proactive Communication

  • The number of completed proactive calls each month

Overall Score

  • The sum of scores across all categories

Don’t Take Our Word For It.

Maybe you’re skeptical since the Client Success Scorecard is our own business performance measurement creation. We get it. But don’t take our word for it – hear it straight from our clients who have made the switch to


We’ve been able to send more accurate and timely invoices to our customers. Billing errors have been reduced to practically nothing. They also provide reporting and auditing capabilities that we didn’t have access to in the past as well as the ability to automate our A/R and agent commission services. We’ve been able to grow our revenue by 130% and double our customer base since implementing Revio without adding additional headcount or resources to the billing process. – CallTower


The migration was seamless and made it very simple to move our data over. Since implementing, our revenue has grown 2500%. – AltaWorx


We discovered that once you choose a billing platform, you’re married to it. And it’s painful to get a divorce. On invoicing alone, has helped us move from a half-day billing process to a mere fifteen minutes, saving us time, hassle and headaches. – INVOIP


Our clients agree – the Client Success Scorecard is working to enhance day in and day out. Ready to upgrade to a better telecom billing system that listens to you and works hard to continually improve? Contact to take your business to the next level.

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