Solutions Odin 7 Launches with Key Billing Platform Integration

August 7, 2023 provides configurable, automated and customer management solutions to service providers that offer a wide variety of solutions. Our premium cloud-based software delivers the industry’s most complete quote-to-cash experience, enabling your business to grow its revenue efficiently.

The Odin platform is a unique part of our solution set helping global telecom service providers that use Cisco BroadWorks to extend the life of their investments, optimize profits, automate quote-to-cash workflows, consolidate acquired companies, and complete the digital transformation of their cloud communications product offerings. The Odin platform is the only Cisco BroadWorks-compatible software to offer unlimited customization, powerful APIs, and comprehensive historical reporting and analytics.

The team at has been hard at work creating new features on the Odin platform. The new Odin 7 platform version continues to provide the same great service to BroadWorks users, delivering bulk provisioning, customized branding, efficient product management, and streamlined app development. 

The latest feature added to Odin is its integration with’s core billing platform. Odin is designed to help App Developers, Customer Support/Experience, Provisioning and Product Managers maximize efficiency and profits with BroadWorks environments. Now, Odin can help Billing teams with automated data population to the billing platform to ensure parity and consistency between BroadWorks and Customers’ bills. 

This exciting new integration opens the door to true customer self-service without the worry of getting billing data out of sync. Here are just a few of the enhancement benefits you can expect with Odin and Billing Integration:

  • Grow revenue efficiently by ensuring provisioning work performed through Odin will instantly be updated in
  • Directly send provisioning data Odin into BroadWorks.
  • Remove the time consuming and error prone step of “swivel chairing” between provisioning and manually updating billing records.
  • Create automated flows of billing account data from Odin into Billing.
  • Ensure provisioning work performed through Odin is instantly updated in on related billing accounts.

Ultimately, the integration between Odin and billing means that key data will automatically be pushed key data to the billing platform, allowing Provisioners to utilize existing processes and workflows through Odin without the need for any overhaul or extensive training.

To learn more about Odin 7 and the benefits of its integration with our billing solution, contact today!

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