From Ideas to Reality – Five Key Q1 2021 Feature Releases

May 4, 2021

Each month, the team releases new system features based on suggestions shared by our clients. 


Client feedback, gathered through our Ideas forum, helps us identify areas where we can improve the platform. By regularly enhancing our software to reflect the evolving needs of our clients, we create an even better user experience that helps our clients more easily meet their goals from using our system. 


Below, we outline the five most valuable updates and explain what new billing features mean for clients’ operating instances of


Latest Features & Functionalities 


What is the new feature?

A and Z Location Addresses Set at Request 

What does it do?

Within their Request workflows, users can now set A and Z locations.

Why is it important?

This new functionality saves users valuable time. They can now save a step by configuring these locations at the creation of the service.



What is the new feature?

True Pending Status Available on Ticket 

What does it do?

A “Pending Cancel” status now appears the same throughout different parts of the system. Additionally, a new “Pending” status is now available.

Why is it important?

This new functionality clears up any potential confusion for users when it comes to different wording for “Pending Cancel” in different areas of the platform. The new “Pending” status also gives users an additional option for customers they expect a response from.


What is the new feature?

Updated Split Services on Orders 

What does it do?

Services are now split into orders by service type, giving users the option to “Split and Complete” or “Split and Cancel” the current order.

Why is it important?

This new functionality provides users with more options for the order settings, how they use processes, and when to bill for a given service.


What is the new feature?

Rate Rounding Digit Option and Minimum Charge Option for Rating 

What does it do?

Rate Rounding Digit, our new options for usage rates, allow users to select the number of digits for rate rounding (up to 6). These options override the number of digits set at the instance level. 

For Minimum Call Charges, users can now select a specific minimum call charge at the rate level charge (which will be applied if the rated charge is less).

Why is it important?

This new usage rating functionality gives users the option to set rounding at the rate level. users also now enjoy the flexibility to apply a minimum call charge if a rated call is less than a certain amount.


What is the new feature?

Order Activity Grid Enhancement

What does it do?

User group filters have been added to the Activity > Orders grid and Grid Column options respectively. As a result, users can now filter orders by User Group assignment. They can also configure Grid Columns for the site in the settings tab. 

Additionally, this enhancement added Order Group ID to the Order Grid Columns. With this option, users can now identify the relationship between orders created at the same time. They can also now search for Order Group ID in the Filter Results field.

Why is it important?

This new functionality gives users access to more information when reviewing orders and managing orders.

Connect with Our Team

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If you want to leave a new suggestion for future software updates, feel free to submit your idea through our Ideas forum

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