September 6, 2023

If your organization is utilizing Cisco Webex for BroadWorks, then Odin could be a solution for you.

Both Odin and Webex are modern solutions created to improve user experience, increase technological flexibility, and streamline automation. Odin’s Webex for BroadWorks integration will allow provisioners to:

  • Log in to Control Hub once through Odin and eliminate the need to “swivel chair” back and forth between administrative portals and monitors. Provisioners can work within a single platform to maximize efficiency.
  • Display all Webex for BroadWorks users within an enterprise alongside the currently assigned Webex package. The Odin Platform allows provisioners to update the package assignment for one, some, or all users within the group. This is a powerful tool, allowing a quick and easy method to update a user’s Webex package after the initial default package assignment via the BroadWorks flow-through provisioning process.
  • Create new users in BroadWorks and define a Webex package that is different from the default assignment in one simple template upload process. The Odin Bulk User Create Template has been enhanced to allow specific Webex package assignments as part of the initial BroadWorks provisioning event. Odin connects you with your workplace, wherever that may be. Webex also powers a new way of collaborating that’s centered around the work you do, not where you do it, whether it’s in the office, at home, or anywhere in between. 

Smart businesses take advantage of the best solutions possible to boost efficiency, increase speed-to-market, and save time and money. If you’re ready to level up your BroadWorks-based voice services, contact to schedule a demo of Odin and start saving today. 

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