Westelcom Launches Partnership with Rev.io to Support its National Expansion

Rev.io August 10, 2021

Leading advanced communications solutions provider will leverage Rev.io’s sophisticated billing platform, fully integrated payments processor, and cutting-edge customer management system to scale its back office for future product launches and marketplace expansions.


Atlanta, Georgia (August 10, 2021) Westelcom, an industry leader for telecommunications services with specializations in healthcare, education, government, and financial institutions, announced today its successful completion of Rev.io’s onboarding program. Westelcom will now utilize a dedicated instance of Rev.io’s billing, payments, and customer management platform. 


Following extensive evaluations, Westelcom decided to move forward with Rev.io due to the platform’s capacity to support the operational challenges of both organic growth and potential M&A as it prepares for aggressive market expansion in the next several years.


Partnering with Rev.io is part of Westelcom’s effort to transform its billing management, back-office operations, and end-customer experience to support mission critical communications. Rev.io’s comprehensive suite of features includes real-time ratings, subscriptions, quoting, taxation, billing, collections, and customer enablement solutions, empowering Westelcom to focus on strategic initiatives.


“The decision to work with Rev.io was an easy decision given the opportunities to improve our back office efficiency and to provide our customers and partners with enhanced services,” said Paul Barton, President of Westelcom.


“We are thrilled to work with Westelcom as the business’s new billing, payments, and customer management platform,” said Brent Maropis, CEO at Rev.io. “Our team looks forward to helping Westelcom modernize its back-office for scale and efficient revenue growth as they prepare to execute their exciting national expansion efforts.” 




About Westelcom 


Westelcom provides a strategically crafted suite of Mission Critical Communications Solutions and Advanced Communications Services delivered nationally over private Software Defined Wide Area Networks. The company backs its solutions with enhanced support services and integrated network intelligence services.


For more information, visit westelcom.com or call +1 866-482-5425.


About Rev.io 


Rev.io is a robust billing as a service (BaaS) platform, integrated merchant payments processor, and customer management software solution. Built to solve mission-critical problems of communications companies, IoT companies, and Managed Service Providers, Rev.io enables businesses with sophisticated subscription billing models to accurately manage their end customers’ billing, usage, taxation, and payment processing. 


For more information, visit rev.io and contact Rev.io at 866-470-5502.


Westelcom Contact:


Deirdre MacNerland

Director of Marketing




Rev.io Contact: 


Patrick Elliott 

VP of Marketing 



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