at IoT Tech Expo June 14, 2017

Today and over 4,000 IoT enthusiasts descend on Silicon Valley for the IoT Tech Expo, an annual Internet of Things event delivering top-level content, discussion, workshops and networking opportunities. is the leader among sophisticated billing and customer management solutions providers for the IoT, communications, M2M, cloud, and subscriptions industries. As one of the fastest-growing SaaS providers in the space, helps businesses of all sizes innovate and scale with ease.

IoT offers massive opportunities for business growth, but with this growth comes a need to deliver a frictionless experience for end-users. From smart devices to connected cars, companies are developing new business models to help track usage and monetize systems.

“We recognize that delivering a flexible and fully integrated billing and customer management platform is critical for our clients in the IoT space,” says’s CEO Brent Maropis. “That’s why focuses over 30% of its roadmap on new integrations – allowing our customers to close the gaps in their data ecosystem while staying ahead of the curve.”

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