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Top 7 Softwares Every Recurring Revenue Business Needs

March 10, 2017 Evan Rice

For the recurring revenue business owner, the notion of managing hundreds to thousands of customers isn’t a pipe dream – it’s an everyday reality.

While running a subscription business model can offer powerful predictability, customer management can quickly become a nightmare without visibility and optimization. Luckily, there are some incredible softwares on the market to help recurring revenue businesses like yours evolve from reactive to proactive in the customer management department.

Here are seven powerful recurring revenue management software tools to help you connect the dots in the recurring revenue business ecosystem:


Customer experience top of mind? It should be. 88% of customers prefer doing business with a company that offers quality customer service over a company that has the latest and most innovative products. Zendesk builds software to help businesses like yours achieve better relationships with customers. Most recurring revenue businesses have to sift through massive amounts of customer data – this software helps you make sense of it all.


‘Who are my most valuable customers?’ ‘Which campaigns are bringing in the most revenue?’ ‘Which features do our customers value most?’ ‘What’s causing our customers to cancel services?’ These are all questions recurring revenue business owners ponder on a daily basis, and Kissmetrics provides the answers with valuable behavioral data. The platform is easy to use and will help you cut churn and increase upgrades.


Want to dive deeper into your customer experience? Fullstory can provide all the information you need to stay proactive. Their software helps tell the story of your customer journey by capturing every click, scroll, page transition, and more. You’ll be able to travel back in time to witness the exact moment a web user experienced friction in the buying journey. We appreciate the intuitive design and Atlanta-based address of this recurring revenue management platform.


Navigating the product development process alone can be a long and lonely road. Mixpanel helps with this. Coining themselves as “the only product analytics platform that lets everyone in your organization deeply understand each user journey,” their software performs complex behavioral analysis and delivers actionable insights in seconds. We appreciate their 99.99% uptime.


For all of our communications nerds out there, Twilio is a dream come true. Their cloud communications platform helps businesses build apps to communicate with…well…anyone in the world. They take care of the infrastructure so businesses can easily add messaging, voice and video to your web and mobile applications. Brilliant.


Recurring revenue business will be hard pressed to experience substantial growth without investing in a powerful CRM. Salesforce’s complete cloud-based suite of business applications grow with your business and offer some incredible perks – including a powerful community of experts committed to helping you grow. Salesforce makes recurring revenue management simple and helps businesses close more deals while connect with customers in a personal and powerful way.


Global leaders in cloud communications, team collaboration and contact center solutions, we’re proud to feature Broadsoft  in our integrated billing solutions. As a unified communication software, Broadsoft offers businesses a comprehensive, mobile-integrated and open communication suite to make communication and collaboration easier.

Bonus round! So, we’ve filled you in on the top seven softwares you need to create a well-rounded recurring revenue ecosystem, but there’s one more we can’t help but include on the list. helps you turn subscribers into lifelong customers by helping you optimize your revenue models and billing capabilities. If you’re interested in seeing how our telecom billing platform manage less and win more, request a demo today.

While specific software adoption is completely dependent on your business model, these tools are helpful for most recurring revenue businesses. See any that we missed? Leave us a comment below!

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