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14 Game-Changers That Simplify Local Number Porting

June 18, 2018 Evan Rice

Local Number Porting (LNP) is a complicated process with full of risk of human error, but vital to customer retention and support. ATL Communications has simplified the manual, mundane, and error-prone process of local number porting with PortingPro; a product that consolidates, automates, and streamlines the LNP process in a browser agnostic application. Coupled with a fully developed API, PortingPro disrupts the local porting world and places ATL firmly ahead of the competition.

PortingPro doesn’t just port numbers like any old SOA, though. ATL has re-written the book on what’s possible. Whether you’re looking for tools to increase productivity and empower your staff, to integrate your back-office environment, or just need helping hands during an unexpected surge in business or employee loss, ATL has you covered! Even if your business does not have a provisioning team or local number porting division, ATL has the means to provide a full hands-on administrative team to act as your outsourced LNP department. PortingPro is the long overdue product that businesses deserve, and ATL Communications is leading the way with a high-tech solution for an outdated and underserved local number porting procedure.

Game-Changing PortingPro Features:


  • Allow multiple logins from an intuitive browser interface, no more dongles or VPNs
  • Dashboard workflows that simplify the porting process while promoting a team environment
  • Purpose built checks and balances significantly reduce human error and bad data entries
  • Enable your team to work cohesively on multiple ports with user permissions and workflows that clearly identify the next step in the process on your dashboard
  • Allows cut and paste bulk port entries no matter which region the port is required in, no separations of regions per port required
  • Match the port work orders to your specific needs with PortingPro’s flexible work order naming convention
  • Allow multiple SPID administration from a single interface
  • Provide management with vital reports that help your team perform at its best and ensure your customers get their ports administered in the fastest possible timeframe
  • Prevent number slamming
  • Save your business significant time, resources, and money while boosting morale and customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity by more than 25%
  • Decrease fallout by up to 60%
  • Enhanced API integration to your currently deployed back-office systems
  • Additional CSR/ LSR/ ICP solutions available


It seems simple enough, yet so many businesses, large and small, are still not taking proactive steps to improve efficiency when dealing with the essential functions of local number porting. By switching to PortingPro, you are joining the revolution to modernize, automate, and streamline these processes saving you time, money, and your sanity. Let ATL Communications guide your business into the new era of LNP. Schedule A Demo or contact today for more information about our telecom billing platform.

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