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Want Revenue Growth? Don’t Overlook This Critical Tactic

June 2, 2017 Evan Rice

As companies look to grow their business, they often invest resources into sales teams, new product offerings, and client success. While these are excellent tactics to incorporate into your overall strategy, focusing solely on these business drivers is a mistake. Without an engine generating demand, your investment will have little return.

Enter Marketing: Your Secret Weapon for Revenue Growth

When your goal is to grow revenue, you should invest resources into your marketing first. This often overlooked team can make a major impact on demand generation. The best part? There are many low-cost Marketing efforts – such as targeted email campaigns, fresh blog content, and SEO campaigns – that your team can leverage now to boost inbound leads.

Use Targeted Email Campaigns and Educational Content to Nurture Existing Leads

Whether you’re providing Wireless, Wireline, VoIP, data, or IoT services, it’s important to remember that your customers buy on their timeline, not yours. That being said, you don’t want prospects for your VOIP billing software going cold in the meantime. Your marketing investments will help keep these prospects warm and engaged, until they’re ready to evaluate your services.

One of the best way to nurture prospects in your database is through targeted email campaigns. No, this doesn’t mean blasting your potential customer list with tons of spam. Instead, share articles, one-pagers, and ebooks that would be of interest to your buyer. Leverage your valuable thought leadership as downloadable content to share with your prospect for free,.This will keep leads engaged, build trust, and helps your prospects improve their businesses. Lastly, if you haven’t already, consider a marketing automation tool to maximize your email efforts, allow for segmentation by lists, and track program performance. You don’t have to invest tons of money – there are several free versions out there!

Welcome Prospects with Strategic Blog Posts

What typically comes to mind when you think about marketing investments? Events, collateral, email programs, press releases, and website presence are among the most commonly used tactics. While blogging has gained traction in many industries, the communications space seems to be lagging behind, representing a huge opportunity for businesses to get ahead of their competition.

Before you begin a blogging strategy, make a list of top keywords. These words and phrases should be directly associated to your company or services. (Hint: consider how your target customers typically search for your product or services online). Before you start writing, remember the ultimate goal. Your blog posts should aim to invite your prospects in, build trust, and establish your business as an expert in the industry. If you are struggling to come up with strategic topics, brainstorm a list of common questions from clients and prospects then answer these questions in an in-depth (yet digestible) blog post.

Optimizing SEO through Social Media

Now that you have your downloadable thought leadership content, educational blog posts, and list of keywords in place, it’s time to make marketing investments in your social channels. It’s time to face the music – Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are not just for millennials anymore. Companies that out-perform their competition are building their brand awareness through these mediums. Don’t think that social media outlets have a strong ROI? You’re wrong. These popular social media platforms can drastically boost your SEO. By linking Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts back to your website, you can improve your search engine ranking and ultimately drive sustainable revenue growth.

With 70% of sales happening before the prospect reaches out to your business, it’s more important than ever to be on the first page of their Google search. Social channels are a fantastic way to build your brand personality, attract new buyers to your website, and improve SEO.

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