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November 9, 2016 Evan Rice

Last month, the team joined over 4,000 other IoT enthusiasts in Santa Clara, CA for the IoT Tech Expo, an annual Internet of Things event delivering top-level content, discussion, workshops and networking opportunities. The two-day event was buzzing with possibility & opportunity and our team was beyond excited to connect with innovators and forward-thinkers from all over the world.

We heard from many industry leaders working to shape the future for the IoT ecosystem. The two day event covered topics like automation, wearables, the future of mobility, connected cars, data security, connectivity and more. Each session was steeped in expertise – basically IoT heaven.

The most exciting part of the Internet of Things trade show? As an event focused on highlighting innovative technological advancements affecting the IoT space, many attendees were surprised to hear that a billing company was present for the festivities. We had a unique chance to educate event-goers on the importance of a recurring billing model and why it’s so necessary for the growth of successful internet of things companies. This brings us to the main takeaways from two members of’s c-suite who attended the IoT Tech Expo:

“The limitless possibilities with IoT seem to be overshadowing the fact that if you can’t monetize the end solution, the idea isn’t going to gain any traction. Companies need to understand that anything today can be connected, but having a targeted solution to a real-world issue with the systems in place to track and bill that solution effectively are keys to a successful IoT business.” – Evan Rice, VP of Sales & Marketing

“We had the chance to chat with attendees regarding what they should be thinking about and how the future of IoT will impact the way they and their customers make money – this is so important. A number of companies that will be leveraging IoT in the future are accustomed to one-time transactions, but with IoT they need a platform that helps them monetize their IoT strategy with a recurring and usage revenue model.” – Brent Maropis, CEO

Cheers to all those involved for coming together to create such an informative, high-level experience for event-goers. Weren’t able to attend but want to join the conversation with IoT companies? If you’re interested in learning more about how can help you grow faster while staying connected, contact today.

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