In Our Words: Redefining the Purpose

September 27, 2022 Patrick Elliott

In April 2020, in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at reflected on the impact that communications service providers (CSPs) were making to support their communities at a time of massive upheaval. While there was disruption to public health, our economy, the educational system, and daily life, CSPs went on at full strength to keep people and business connected. They also showed incredible generosity in the philanthropic support they offered to members of their communities most in need of help. 


As part of that reflection in the spring of 2020, we developed the first version of our Purpose. This was developed to make clear to our clients, partners, team members, and other stakeholders what was important to us and how we operated our company according to our values. In other words, what was the “why behind” our work?


Recently, members of our team came together to take a fresh look at our Purpose, and to see if we should make any adjustments to the statement from 2020. As often happens when smart and creative people get together to share ideas, we developed a revision that we believe is even better than before!


To recall the definitions of each purpose element, think of our “Who” as we serve with our software, our “When” as the time that these providers come to us, our “How” as the way we operate our company effectively, and our “Why” as the core of the purpose. This element truly answers the question, “Why does exist?”


We serve Communications and Technology service providers that utilize complex usage and recurring billing models, from start-ups to large enterprises, that serve a wide variety of business customers and industries.


We serve Clients when their business calls for a modern, automated billing and customer management system to grow their revenue efficiently and strengthen their back office.


We make business decisions based on data, follow disciplined processes, develop our employees to their maximum potential, create opportunities for them to succeed, communicate effectively, offer five-star service to our clients, and steadfastly follow our ACT TOP values without compromise.


We help our Clients grow their revenue, increase their efficiency, and solidify their business operations. With our support, they can position their employees for career success, create jobs in their local communities, and provide vital connections to businesses and individuals across the world. proudly shares this our Purpose externally, along with our Mission, Vision, and Values, as the pillars of our company philosophy and culture. We believe that all these elements have been vital to our success as one of the leading billing software companies in the industry, now serving nearly 250 clients across all our offerings?


If you are interested in learning more about our Purpose and how it fits into our business approach, feel free to let us know!

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