Looking Back on Scalable 2020: A Letter to the Team from CEO Brent Maropis

January 13, 2021 Brent Maropis



Thank you all for your commitment and dedication to in 2020. In so many ways, the year tested all of us, both professionally and personally. I am genuinely proud of our team and how all of you adapted to change so quickly, demonstrating your ownership mentality across the entire company. We were the rare team that decided not to operate scared. Instead, we continued hiring, growing, and winning. I promise this approach will benefit us for years to come.


Achieving all of the goals tied to our theme of Scalable was difficult, but throughout the year, we continued growing the company and building out our teams. We built capabilities and departments to better serve and consult our clients, and our deeper understanding of their needs will influence the future development of our platform. This will enable us to achieve our goal of a Five Star client experience moving forward. 


Throughout the pandemic, we reaffirmed a greater purpose for what we do and how impactful our clients are to the businesses and communities they serve. Our clients have been indispensable to keeping the economy going by literally keeping their end customers connected, and we help them do that more effectively and efficiently.


Countless clients demonstrated incredible acts of kindness to help their customers. I won’t ever forget the swift action that we all took to assist our clients as they supported their customers that were most in need of help. If there was ever a time that I felt the true strength of our ACT TOP culture, it was throughout 2020. 


In the coming year, we will continue pushing towards our full potential by Modernizing the platform. To do this, we will reorganize our teams and make significant investments to better align for the future. We will seek to expand our capabilities in data analytics, add features to better support Managed Services Providers, and make great strides towards true product internationalization. Finally, we will continue to scale Payments. Of course, we will do all of this in the spirit of achieving our mission: To help our clients grow their revenue efficiently. 


I am grateful for the entire team’s 2020 work in the face of adversity. Throughout’s history, the experiences and setbacks from the previous year have given us clarity on what’s next. As I look back at other past years when we faced challenges, they seemed to precede a tremendous following year. So to that, I say, bring on 2021!





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