3 Things Learned From Channel Partners

July 10, 2016 Evan Rice

This year’s Channel Partners event in Las Vegas proved to be the ultimate gathering place for agents, VARs, MSPs, and service providers alike. Attendees were able to network with fellow members of the technology services community as well as explore and learn more about the new ideas and products shaping the industry. was lucky to attend this year and listen in on conversations about the cloud, security, Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, next-gen technology, and more. After letting it all sink-in, here are our three takeaways from the Channel Partners conference:

1. Reselling IoT

Channel Partners 2016 was busier than we could have expected. Even with all of the hustle and bustle, it was clear that IoT saw the most traction this year. We are living in the age of IoT, and those that have access are going to benefit greatly. The good news is that IoT offerings are now possible for agents to resell. At front and center of this initiative was the AT&T Partner Exchange. Since IoT is becoming more and more available for agents to sell, we expect there to be additional add-ons or bundling services in the future. In fact, we have already seen this in action with one of our clients, Altaworx, who recently rolled out their IoT Channel Program.

2. Customized Programs

It’s becoming more and more popular for providers to allow independent agents to resell their IoT products and services. This is big news for agents that are not quite ready to step out on their own, but still want to share a piece of this growing market. By allowing agents to resell their products, new revenue opportunities are being created for the service providers by bundling billing with their wholesale offerings. In order to be a qualified reseller, it is highly recommended they use a robust billing platform to manage payments. This is a process that can certainly help with. Service providers can white label for their resellers to help them manage and improve order processes. With the ability to brand statements and adjust permission controls, this guarantees fewer errors and more control with all the information in the same place.

3. Unified Communications, Data, and Cloud Services

We found that it is easier than ever for agents and value-added resellers to offer new services to new markets. In years past, it has been difficult for resellers and agents to expand into new markets, simply because of the complexity and risk involved in launching a new service. Everything from taxes to regulations have prevented many resellers from growth. But this is no longer the case. Unified communications, data, and cloud services are helping businesses expand their ecosystem and navigate new channels of growth.

Channel Partners’ goal for this year’s conference was to be a facilitator for ideas, and they didn’t disappoint. Want to learn more about how our telecom billing platform can help you incorporate these takeaways into your own business? Contact – we’d love to help.

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