Meet Our Leaders

Experience and Expertise’s leadership team has deep roots in the communications industry and boasts an impressive track record of accomplishment. Learn more about our leaders below.

  • Brent Maropis

  • Evan Rice

    President & COO
  • Robert Benoit

  • James Phillips

  • Scott Trefz

  • Sara Brown

    VP of Product
  • Ryan Koontz

    VP of Sales
  • Patrick Elliott

    VP of Marketing
  • Hampton Harrison

    VP of Client Success
  • Fran Timothy

    VP of Onboarding
  • Josh Higginbotham

    VP of Data
  • Will Steiner

    Sr. Director of Client Success
  • Leslie Ingram

    Director of Product
  • Kyle Schmidt

    Director of Account Management
  • Serge Doudy

    Director of Product
  • Laura Claytor

    Director of Engineering
  • Adam Burky

    Director of Engineering
  • Josh Nugent

    Director of Data Engineering
  • Clarissa Kersey

    Director of Payments
  • Todd Lyman

    Director of Data Analytics
  • Rafael Munoz

    Director of Marketing

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