and Ready Wireless Create Partnership in Telecommunications

October 4, 2019 Will Norris

Since 2006, Ready Wireless has been powering devices, plans and systems. They have continued to evolve with a multi-carrier wireless platform for resale to wholesale, private label customers. The first branch of Ready Wireless came in the form of ReadyMobile PCS, focusing on the emerging no-contract, prepaid consumer segment. Founders Dennis Henderson and Fred Haumesser started to see a need in the communications industry for another option to resell wireless services other than the large carriers. Out of that discovery, Ready Wireless was born. Ready Wireless holds the core network relationships, systems, processes and vendor partnerships which drive their MNVE success. Included in the offering are cloud billing, operating systems, infrastructure, and feature packages to deliver high-quality product experiences. The proprietary mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Engine is the premier white label solution for building wireless telecommunication products and services.

Ready Wireless believes that their direct-to-consumer, e-commerce, and enterprise distribution are the key benefits of their offering. When organizations outsource to Ready Wireless, they’re able to concentrate their people and capital on the work that adds the most value to their bottom line.

We sat down with Dana Pinter Karasek, VP of Administration, to learn more about how Ready Wireless takes the pain out of telecommunications and how has partnered with them on their journey towards business growth.

Playing with the Big Guys

“Ready Wireless allows customers to quickly build and roll-out mobile devices and services through our integrated operating system,” says Pinter Karasek. “Because customers can’t always obtain contracts with the big wireless carriers, we step in as a reseller. When someone wants to go into business and create their own wireless product, they use us. We help them procure devices, program them so they work correctly, ship them out, reload the consumer devices, and finally, maintain high-quality customer service and regulatory support. We verify our clients unique needs and positioning, allowing us to better serve their needs.”

Finding the Right Partner

Having connections already in place with the major carriers, the company sought out vendors to support specific customer requirements. One area for partnership included cloud billing software. “The most successful companies have to know what they want before looking for a vendor. Because we had originally handled the billing process internally, we knew what we needed and went ahead and started the selection process,” said Pinter Karasek. “ was chosen because of their flexibility. We are innovative and fast growing with a lot of different models to maintain. has been able to grow with us and allow us to make the changes that come from our new ideas and processes relatively quickly.”

Seeing Results has allowed Ready Wireless to implement a wide range of product and cloud billing support process. “We use for true billing – everything from decrementing usage on pre-paid environments to creating and delivering invoices,” says Pinter Karasek. “The team works closely with us when new ideas come up allowing flexible, timely and accurate implementation. They understand telecom and have been very responsive to market requirements.”

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